Friday, September 18, 2009

His 'n' Hers

His'n'Hers (blog)

When we saw these coats at Ce Cubic Effect we both just had to have them, we loved them so much! They are great for either having as a casual look or can be dressed up a bit to look a little more sophisticated.

Deeta has co-ordinated her coat with a mini dress from Deetalez. This store used to be called Free Soul and seems to have re-branded and come up with a new collection. This collection has some really cute mini-dresses with great textures. So if you have not been to this store for a while, I recommend a repeat visit. Deeta's jewelry is from Zaara. The jewelry line there is not vast but the pieces are beautifully crafted and really worth the price.

Bierno has opted for a prim top from Aoharu to wear under his coat. We just love the store's use of prims and it seems to bring a new depth to the items and make them just look a little more realistic. His pants are also from Aoharu and are really versatile and can be worn with a number of outfits. Bierno is also wearing a really great necklace from Emery.

His'n'Hers (blog)

Deeta Aeon

Hair - Boon, ZG0223 *Chocolate* ( Please note I did a little bit of editting on the hair and took some of the strands away from the right-hand side)
Earrings - Zaara , Tarika Claw earrings *Silver*
Necklace - Zaara , Parnini necklace *Silver*
Boots - Aoharu Walk, Cross lacedup Heals *Cream*
Dress - Deetalez , Hot mini dress *Pattern 1*
Coat - Ce Cubic Effect - Leather and fur long coat *Brown*

Bierno Yoshikawa

Hair - Gritty Kitty, Hoke-Troika *Black*
Undershirt - Aoharu, Drape Neck T shirt *White*
Coat - Ce Cubic Effect, Leather and fur long coat *Brown*
Trousers - Aoharu, 2 way Pants *Black*
Necklace - Emery, EH necklace
Shoes - Redgrave, Biker Boots *Night*

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