Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Simple and Casual

Simple and Casual (blog)

We were in the mood just to relax and keep the outfits simple. Emery had released some more new outfits so that was first choice for Deeta. Bierno is wearing jeans and a shirt from CheerNo (formally known as AC). This store has some great male clothes and often will come as a complete outfit (including the jewelry)

Simple and Casual (blog)

Deeta Aeon

Hair -, Jasmine *Sensitive Black*
Earrings _, Loop Earrings *Slate*
Sunglasses - Dela, RGI *Gray*
Necklace - Find Ash, Double necklace FREE
Bracelet on left wrist - Mandala, Soul bracelet *Silver*
Top - Emery, Skirt B Zip *Sailor*
Tights -So Many Styles, Shiny Tights *Navy 1*
Shoes -Bax Boots , Ankle Boot *Black Patent*
Bracelet right wrist -YourSkinYourShape, Bangle *White Panther*
Gloves - Emery *Black Gloves*

Bierno Yoshikawa

Hair - Find Ash, Dusk of Wind *Neo Black*
Necklace - Emery, Dundee Tooth
Shirt & Jeans - CheerNo, STD Deko Sweet Guy
Jumper (Waist) - Sey, Maki2 hoodie RS *Black Long*
Watch - Laqroki, Energy *Silver/White*
Shoes - Redgrave, Biker Boots *Night*

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