Sunday, December 6, 2009

Just Love Emery!

Just Love Emery!

How cute his and her matching outfits lol, but we couldn't help it when we went down to Emery to see their latest releases.  The jackets are called Orchic and are so cool and we both loved adding the scarf to.  We both added trainers from Urban Bomb Unit which are just so gorgeous!

Just Love Emery!

Deeta Aeon

Hair Maitreya, Alex *Charcoal* (NEW)
Jeans - Emery, Denim Vintage *02*
Jacket - Emery, Jacket Orchic Club *Black* (NEW)
Scarf - Emery, Striped Scarf *Red*  NEW
Bra - Fishy Strawberry, Red Bra (Part of 50L Friday)
Belt - Mandala, Kookai Belt *Black*
Nails - MStyle, Long Nails Classic *Black with red thumbs colour change menu)
Trainers - Urban Bomb Unit , Porn Star Hi tops
Glasses- Kalnins, Submariner
Gloves - Paper.doll, Laced Gloves *Black*
Earrings - Uzuri, Dayla Earrings *Monochrome*
Bangles L - Ticky Tacky, Daily Bangles
Bangles R - Insomniac Bangles *Skully Pout*
Poses - LAP

Bierno Yoshikawa

Skin - Belleza, Ewan v2 SK 10-E (Hair)
Hair - Gritty Kitty, Kobra Kai *Black*
Jacket - Emery, Jacket Orchic Club *Red* (NEW)
Scarf - Emery, Striped Scarf, *Black* (NEW)
Jeans - Valiant, Grey/Blue Belted Jeans
Trainers - Urban Bomb Unit, Porn Star Hi tops
Nails and Bracelet - MSyle, Male Nails B&W
Poses - LAP

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