Sunday, March 7, 2010

BlackMow Shirts - SK Designs

BlackMow Shirts - SK Designs

Bierno is wearing the new release from SK Designs called Blackmow shirts and he has added the new release from Find Ash which is called Divided Mohawk. Deeta is wearing a top also from SK Designs and accessories from Emery and Maitreya.

BlackMow Shirts - SK Designs

Sookie Shape by Image Design
Permissions: Mod/Copy/No Transfer

Deeta Aeon

Shape - Image Design *Sookie Shape*
Skin - Dutch Touch, Jolie Olive *Autumn*
Hair - W&Y, New 88 *Type A*
Top - SK Designs, Cthulhu Outfit *Garnet*
Skirt - Emery, High Waisted Skirt *Black* (Part of Gold Foil Face outfit)
Earrings - Uzuri, Dayla Earrings *Monochrome*
Tattoo - Huz Tats, Henna Fusion *Henna Faded*
Wrist bands - Emery, Band *Grey*
Socks - Emery, Socks Orchid Club *Black* ( Part of Gold Foil Face Outfit)
Sunglasses - Kalnins, Submariner
Shoes - Maitreya, Frenzy *Black*
Scarf - Maitreya, Long Scarf *Black*
Nails - MStyle, Pefect Hand *Sharp*  NEW
Bag - Emery, Handbag *RF*
Poses - Del May and Striking Poses

Bierno Yoshikawa

Skin - Belleza, Ewan v2 SK 7-E
Hair - Find Ash, Divided Mohawk *Black/White* NEW
Shirt - SK Designs, Blackmow Shirts Three NEW
Belt - GrueLing Designs, Varia Belt
Tattoo - HUZ-TATS, Frenzy
Pants - Hoorenbeek, Jeans Destroy/Trashy Skinny *Black*
Shoes - Urban Bomb Unit, Pornstars Slip-Ons
Earring - Mandala, Soul ear piercing *Black*
Gloves - Emery, Leather Gloves
Nails - MStyle, Male Nails B&W
Bands - Kosh, Braid Armbands
Poses - Luth & LAP

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