Saturday, August 14, 2010

Modern Warrior - OC

Modern Warrior - OC

So dramatic and stylish is the recent release from OC called Modern Warrior. This dress comes complete with ties for the wrists and a very funky skirt. The detail is gorgeous and I love the way the texture reflects the light.

I have added earrings from Shade Trone which is one of my favourite stores for accessories - they do them so well and gorgeous shoes from E-core. I have only just discovered this store (where have I been you ask) and I just adore them. There are no issues with facelights and my feet remain perfectly matched to my skin colour and the styles are just so so sexy. They also have many pre-set skin tones so there is a good chance you will not have to start altering blue, green and red!

Modern Warrior - OC

Deeta Aeon

Skin - Laqroki, Mima Nougat *Makeup 6 HB*
Hair - Analog Dog, Pistachio *Espresso*
Outfit - OC,  Modern Warrior,
Earrings - Shade Throne, Over Drama Earrings
Necklace Atelier AM ( Aya Huldschinsky) Long Pearl Necklace II *Black*
Shoes - N-Core, Infinity Xtreme Heels *Black Pattent*
Nails - Candy Nail, Magic of the Witch *Red*
Poses - Agapee

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