Thursday, December 9, 2010



I am wearing some of the funky releases from Fab.Pony. The top is called Twizzler and has a fab prim to it and I have added the very detailed Overdye jeans also from Fab.Pony is the colour cherry pie. Both the top and pants are available in other gorgeous colours so you can create your own look.

I have added the fab hair called Nyx which is a new release at Exile.


Deeta Aeon

Skin - League, Amber Br Sunkissed *Glam* (Nena Janus)
Hair - Exile, Nyx *Greystone* (Kavar Cleanslate) NEW
Top - Fab.Pony, Twizzler Top *Carbon* (Tatianna Faulkes)
Pants - Fab.Pony, Overdye Jeans *Cherrypie* (Tatianna Faulkes)
Hair Decoration - Miel, Tulip Headband *Vino* (Tinted (Mika Nieuport)
Bracelets - Garage, Silk Bracelets (Slava Parkin)
Gloves - Cheerno, Diamond Gloves *Black* (Vitor Algoma)
Belt - Digit Darkes, Asaka Belt *Black* (Digit Darkes)
Bag - Modern Gypsy, Pop Culture Bag (Micah Kanto)
Necklace - Shade Throne, El Rosario *Black* (Undo Hermano)
Shoes - N-Core, Tresor, Xtremeheels *Black* (Claire Messenger)

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