Wednesday, December 1, 2010

JeSyLiLO 2

JeSyLiLO 2

Another look at some of the fantastic products available at JeSyLilO. Bierno and I are both wearing the Hoodie and it is so well designed. There is a re-size script for the prims making it so easy to fit your shape. Bierno is also wearing the male jeans Dirty Jeans. They come with the fab prim belt which just looks so real.

I am wearing Moly skin and Bierno is wearing Winter Light Skin J2, both also from JeSyLilo. The male and female skins are very well shaded and gorgeous!

JeSyLiLO 2

Deeta Aeon

Skin - JeSyLiLO, Moly Tan *J1 Makeup BT Mattee and Hairline* (LiLO Glom) NEW
Hair - Maitreya, Minue *Cacao* (Onyx LeShelle)
Top - JeSyLiLO, Hoodie *Grey* (LiLO Glom)
Jeans - LP Designs, September Jeans 1 (Liberty Shinn)
Shirt around the waist - Sey, Maki V3 *Check* (Risey Arai)
Bag - Milk Motion, My Navajo Bag (Marie Lauridsen)
Boots - modd.G, Rilo *Red Ribbon Boots* (moddishh Gossipgirl)
Necklace - Fr. Loop Necklace *Charcoal* (Viva Monday)
Poses - Adorkable (Adorkable Peapod)

Bierno Yoshikawa

Skin - JeSyLiLO, Winter *Light Skin J2* (LiLO Glom) NEW
Hair - Uncleweb Studios, Tony Hair *Meteoric* (Din Raymaker)
Top - JeSyLiLO, Hoodie *Red* (LiLO Glom)
Jeans - JeSyLiLO, Dirty Jeans *Black* (LiLO Glom)
Trainers - Urban Bomb Unit, Porn Stars Hi Tops (Coke Dreadlow)
Poses - Agapee (Argnit Igaly)

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