Friday, December 10, 2010

SF Design

SF Design

Bierno and I are both wearing the fabulous free gift at SF Design. This is a very well designed duffle coat which has loads of prims and looks so real. Please drop down to the store today to pick up the free gift.

Bierno is also wearing skin from DNA. They have released two new skins and the one he is wearing is called Damien. The skin comes in three different skin tones and ten facials.

SF Design

Deeta Aeon

Skin - League, Amber Br Sunkissed *Glam*
Hair - [E}, Blind *B;ack 3* (Elikapeka Tiramas)
Jacket - SF Design, Duffle Coat Womens (Free in store) NEW
Top and shorts - Emery, Dare
Bag - Emery, Handbag RF
Gloves - Emery, Gloves *Black*
Hair Decoration - FT, Rope Flower Headband (Itny Lisle)
Boots - J's, Long Boots Round *Black*
Belt - A7M, Screwed Belt (Mala Oh)
Poses - Adorkable (Adorkable Peapod)

Bierno Yoshikawa

Hair - Anaphora, Brian *Seal Black*
Jacket - SF Design, Duffle Coat male (Free in store) NEW
Top - Gabriel, Tribal TankTop *Black*
Belt - LeLutka, JOE Jeans Black Belt
Jeans - Artilleri, Burt Jeans *Gray*
Shoes - Hoorenbeek, Chelsea *Used Black*
Poses - Agapee (Argnit Igaly)

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