Friday, January 21, 2011



The new store Kletva opens today (21 Jan) and this store is the venture by Vitor Algoma. I am showing you the gorgeous female skin called Pietra and I am wearing it in the colour summer. The skin comes with hairbase in blonde, dark and red and there are two fabulous hair attachments to match the hairbases. There is also a freckles option and a wonderful array of tattoo layer lipsticks. There are gorgeous eyes and eyelashes to. The body detail is amazing and the shading so well done. A wonderful skin which is also available in the lighter tone of Spring.

Also at the Dressing Room Blue Kletva have put this gorgeous bodysuit. I loved it at first sight a very sexy outfit which will give you a taster of the fabulous new store Kletva.


Deeta Aeon

Skin - Kletva, Pietra Skin, Summer *MK 1* (Vitor Algoma)  NEW
Hair - Kletva, Pietra Skin Hair attachment 1 *Summer Blond* (Vitor Algoma) NEW
Outfit - Kletva, Bodysuit (At the Dressing Room Blue) (Vitor Algoma)  NEW
Earrings - Glow Studios, Black Lace Earrings (At the Dressing Room Blue) (Jocelyn Anatine)  NEW
Belt - LP, Groza Belt *Black* (Liberty Shinn)
Gloves - Cheerno, Diamond Gloves *Brilliant White* (Vitor Algoma)
Boots - J's, Thigh High Boots Long *Black* (JB Gazov)
Poses - Corpus and R.icielli

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