Monday, January 10, 2011

SF Design and JeSyLiLO

SF Design and JeSyLiLO

I am showing you the new release from JeSyLILO and this is called Cry Skin. A very beautiful skin which as in each pack has the option of showing tears as the name suggests. A very beautiful skin with amazing shading and is available at the mainstore now!  I am also showing you two of the new releases from SF Design. The first is a gorgeosu snowsuit which is free if you pop down to the store this month. The detail is superb and prims wonderful. Bierno is showing you the male version which is also free at the store.

We are also both showing you the new bathrobes from SF Design and we adore them. Again fabulous detail and the bathrobes come with matching slippers which are not shown. They are so realistic and the texture looks like real towelling!

SF Design and JeSyLiLO

SF Design and JeSyLiLO

Deeta Aeon Picture 1

Skin - JeSyLilo, Cry Skin Tan *J5 Matte and Hairline* (LiLO Glom) NEW
Hair - Argrace, Allure *Black* (Rika Oyen) NEW
Bathrobe - SF Design, Bathrobe *Blue* (Also available in Teal and red and comes with slippers) (Swaffette Firefly) NEW
Earrings - Erratic, Hoop Earrings Small *Silver* (Erratic Rain)

Bierno Yoshikawa Picture 1

Skin - JeSyLiLO, Zabedy Light Skin J1 (LiLO Glom)
Hair - Explicit, The Stubbs *Black* (Dr Puddlegum)
Bathrobe - SF Design, Bathrobe *Red* (Comes with slippers) (Swaffette Firefly) NEW

Deeta Aeon Pictures 2 and 3

Skin - JeSyLiLO, Cry Skin Tan *J5 Matte* (LiLO Glom)  NEW
Hat - Lelutka, Furhat *Dark* (Thora Charron)
Snow suit - SF Design, Snowsuit *Blue womens* (Swaffette Firefly)  NEW Free
Boots - SF Design, Shearling Boots *Grey* (Swaffette Firefly)
Gloves - Sweetest Goodbye, Fin *Grey/Stripe* (Morphine Janick)
Scarf - Cheerno, Siberian Fur Scarf *Gray Fleece* (Vitor Algoma)
Pose - R.icielli

Bierno Yoshikawa Picture 3

Skin - JeSyLiLO, Zabedy Light Skin J1 (LiLO Glom)
Hair - Drot, The Jordan *Black* (Doctor Aho)
Snowsuit - SF Design, Snowsuit *Blue Mens* (Swaffette Firefly) NEW Free
Boots - Hoorenbeek, Chelsea 2 *Used Black* (Limer Fredriksson)
Pose - Agapee (Argnit Igaly)

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