Saturday, May 14, 2011

Avenue Couture of Hope


I am showing you more of the splendid items available at Avenue Couture of Hope. Firstly the dramatic and stunning gown from Wish called Entre Mares.


It is amazing with breathtaking wings and the most delicate and sheer skirt. It is positively magical and a dream to wear.


Secondly I am showing you the funky and fab outfit from Sweetest Goodbye called Magic. It has a prim collar and tie and has a fabulous sheer blouse.


There are wonderfully designed shorts with prim button. I just adore the cuffs to the blouse. I have added some stylish shoes from Miami called Deco Priscilla.


The last outfit I am showing you is from DD Style and this is amazing. You can wear the dress formally with the long skirt or change it to a funky suit with fantastic boots. All the items come in the pack so you have two looks in one. Just love the textures and prims to this one!




Deeta Aeon Pics 1 & 2

Skin - PXL, Linda G3 LT *Red Lips and Cat eye* (Hart Larsson)
Shape - Image Studio, Zara Shape (Deeta Aeon)
Hair - Cake, Dakota *Black* (Stumbelina Ophelia)
Outfit - Wish, Entre Mares by Sykao Adamski

Jewelry - Alienbear, Nieve *White* (Alienbear Gupte)

Deeta Pics 3 & 4

As above except:
Skin *Nude lips*
Outfit - Sweetest Goodbye, Magic for RFL (Morphine Jack)
Fan - Mika, Animated Feather Fan Carnival *Black* (Mikaela Rasmus)Sorry shop may have gone
Shoes - Miamai, Deco Priscilla *Black* (Monica Outlander) At the Shoe Fair

Deeta Pics 5 & 6

As above except:

Hair - Plume, Allure *Soil* (Fauve Beaumont)
Outfit - DD Style, For Avenue Couture of Hope (Dadina Dosei)
Earrings - Donna Flora, Pasqualina (Squinterent Larnia)
Nails - Candy Nail, Basic prim Nails *Orange 02* (Peche Bury)

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