Sunday, May 8, 2011

Shine, R.icelli and ::MOOD::


I am showing you a dressy but casual outfit today. The fab jacket is from R.icelli and called Matilda mini jacket. I am wearing it in the delicate colour of beige but there is an amazing colour palette to choose from. The top is from the excellent store of Shine. The detail and shading on this top as you can see is amazing. I have also added a pair of classy shorts also from Shine. Check out their store you will not be disappointed.

The jewelry is from another of my favourite store of ::MOOD::. Their designs are stylish very well detailed and like real jewelry you get in RL <3


Lastly I am showing you Nikki my new shape I released last night at Image Studio. She is sexy and has a slinky figure and is full modify and copy and no transfer. Why not pop down and try a free demo and pick up the latest free gift and try the other gorgeous shapes whilst you are there.







Deeta Aeon

Skin - PXL, Gaia SK *MEB C3 and Copper Lips* (Hart Larsson) NEW
Shape - Image Studio, Nikki Shape (Deeta Aeon) NEW
Hair - E, Comfort *Blonde 10* (Elikapeka Tiramisu)
Jacket - R.icielli, Matilda Mini Jacket *Beige* (Fhara Arcadia) NEW
Top - Shine, Judite Top *Cream* (Jackie Rewell) NEW
Shorts - Shine, Budica Shorts *Olive* (Jacke Rewell) NEW
Jewelry - ::MOOD::, Parade Pearls Ensemble (Jori Watler) NEW
Shoes - MStyle, Goshi Pumps *Tan* (Mokee Mokeev) NEW
Poses - R.icelli

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