Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sexy Hot Dress - MuNIQuE


Wow the new release from MuNIQuE is soooooo amazing and rightly called Sexy hot dress!!! It comes with an open top with pasties. I love them and the pasties are a good size so cover you up enough. The skirt is cut away to and shows enough flesh. A sizzling hot dress which I am wearing in black and there are other colours available. I have added a bra on a couple of the shots from &Bean.


I am also wearing the skin Teegan from AMD. I am wearing Carmel in steamy 1 makeup. It is a gorgeous skin and super cute. Love the soft mouth and nose. I have added my new shape which is coming out later today.


Image Studio

Deeta Aeon

Skin - AMD, Teegan Carmel *Steamy 1* (Apple May) NEW
Shape - IMage Studio, Zoe Shape (Deeta Aeon) (Out soon)
Hair - Red Mint, No 02 *Champagne* (Moni Schulze)
Dress - MuNIQuE, Sexy Hot Dress *Black* (Princess Briand) NEW
Necklace - Glow Studio, Acrat Stone (Linka Demina)
Bracelet - Ticky Tacky, Daily Bangle (Narita Rayna)
Shoes - Purrfect 10, Maia Heels Lace *Black* (Ten Dexler)
Tattoo - SK Designs, Tribal Body Tattoo (Sergio Krasopani)
Nails - A&A Fashion, Metal Nails *White* (Agnieszka Allstar)
Eyebrow Piercing - ::Envi:: Eyebrow Love (Toby Christian)
Bra - &Bean, In a manner of speaking *Black* (Keiko Morigi)
Poses - Munique and Ilaya

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