Monday, July 18, 2011

Glow Studio New Collection Summer 2011, Plume and AMD


You simply have to visit Glow Studio and see this fantastic Summer collection! It is earrings, nails, bags, scarfs, necklaces and loads of different designs to choose from.


I am showing you in the last two pics the jewelry set called Decoy. This is really highly detailed and consists of necklace, bracelets and erarrings. I have also added their fab new nails called Belleza in Snake. These are really funky nails with a ring attached and available in loads of designs. In pics 1 and 2 I am showing you the amazing earrings called Sevilla in snow and these are divine, I have added the new bag called garden Big bag in beige and there is also a smaller version and the bag's available in black to. I have added more Belleza nails in Chess to finish the look. There is loads more to see at the Main store.


I am also wearing another of the sensational new releases from Plume called innocence. This style is sexy and cute and has a colour change menu for the diamonds and hairpin. It is a must and available from the main store now.

I am also wearing a new release from Apple May Designs called Blanka. A really lovely dress with banded colours to the skirt, and the skirt also comes with two attachment options. A slinky dress available now.



Image Studio

Glow Studio
Apple May Designs

Deeta Aeon

Skin - thebodyco, Lavender Sunkissed (thebodyco Resident)
Shape - Image Studio, Lexie Shape (Deeta Aeon) NEW
Hair - Plume, Innocence *Golden* (Fauve Beaumont) NEW
Outfit - AMD, Blanka (Apple May) NEW
Shoes - MStyle, Goshi Pumps *Navy* (Mikee Mokeev)

Pics 3 and 4
Necklace, Earrings and Bracelets - [Glow] Studio, Decoy Set (Linka Demina) NEW
Nails - [Glow] Studio, Belleza Nails B&W *Snake* (Linka Demina) NEW

Pics 1 & 2
Earrings - [Glow] Studio, Sevilla Earrings *Snow* (Linka Demina) NEW
Bag - [Glow] Studio, Garden Bag Big *Beige* (Linka Demina) NEW
Nails - [Glow] Studio, Belleza Nails B&W *Chess* NEW
Necklace - Ticky Tacky, A bitch never changes (Xoph Adamczyk)

Poses - Apple Spice Store and Agapee

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