Monday, September 5, 2011

My Second Wardrobe - Collection 3


The third collection for My Second Wardrobe is out and you will love it. Again loads of fab designers have all contributed new items to be sold at very reasonable prices.


Today I am showing you two dresses from KIM which are great. The first called Splatte Dress has two skirts to choose from and it divine.


The second a more casual dress is called Leony. I have also added really lovely pumps from Angel. Please take the taxi below as there are loads more clothes, skin, hair and fantastic items.



Deeta Aeon

Skkin - Lara hurley Skin, Katya Tan *Doll* (Lara hurley)
Shape - Image Studio, Lizzie Shape (Deeta Aeon)
Hair - Anaphora, Kikole *Platinum* (Vidal Giordano)

Pics 1 and 2

Dress - KIM, Splatte Dress (Kimberely Flagon) Two skirts included NEW MY SECOND WARDROBE
Shoes - Kristica, Spirit Shoes *Black* (Kristic Furman)
Earrings - (NHA!) Ditta (Kyrha Bouscario)

Pics 3 and 4

Dress - KIM, Leony Mini Dress *Blue/Green* (Kimberely Flagon) NEW MY SECOND WARDROBE
Bag - Milk Motion, My Satchel (Marie Lauridsen)
Shoes - Angel, Blue Ballerina (DjAngel Fallen) NEW MY SECOND WARDROBE
Jewelry - Addiction, Rosemaling *Blue* (Atiya Masala)

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