Sunday, September 18, 2011

New releases from Nemesis and Je Suis


Nemesis have released some gorgeous new items and today I am showing you their Hotel pants in Black. It has a lovely tie to the waist adding fab style and I have temed it with their tank called Train in white. Both pants and top are available in an array of colours.


I have also added the so cute earrings called Adorable and their design echoes the lovely tie to the pants Hotel. I am showing the earrings in black and other great colours are also available. I am also wearing the funky glasses called Travel Glasses. Again available in a great spectrum of colours.


I am also showing you a new release from Je Suis which is the nails hud Dalmatino. Really well designed nails and the hud is available in Blues, Greens, greys,oranges, pinks, purples,reds and yellows.


Image Studio
Je Suis

Deeta Aeon

Skin - Belleza, Chloe SK Group Gift* (Tricky Boucher) NEW
Shape - Image Studio, Mel Sahpe (Deeta Aeon) Out soon
Hair - Damselfly, Morrisania *Black Pearl* (Shylah Honey)
Top - Nemesis, Train Tank *White* (Calypso Clip) NEW
Pants - Nemesis, Hotel Pants *Black* NEW
Earrings - Nemesis, Adorable Earrings *Black* NEW
Glasses - Nemesis, Travel Glasses *White* NEW
Nails - Je Suis, Naive nails V2 with add on Dalmatino *Blues Hud* (Julia Merosi) NEW
Shoes - KristicA, Spirit, (Kristic Furman) At the XYRoom
Bag - Pepper, Messenger bag *White* (Danni Pfeffer)
Scarf - Beatnik, Farah Pashmina *Water* (Bl4ckStorm00 Kling)

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