Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Baiastice, Je Suis, MStyle, Sey and XYROOM

Baiastice, Je Suis, MStyle, Sey and XYROOM

I am firstly showing you one of the gorgeous new fur coats from Baiastice and it is Iko fur in Black Mink. It is stylish and sexy and also available in other great colours. The texture and prims are amazing making it look so realistic, just love it!! I am also wearing a couple more items from the XYROOM. Firstly the dress is from [S] and is called Fishnet Vibrant. It is really well designed and has a great prim attachment to the top and also a lovely belt. I am also wearing a ring which is part of the Butterfly jewelry set which is also new at the XYROOM.

Baiastice, Je Suis, MStyle, Sey and XYROOM

Je Suis have also got a new release of the stunning scarf called Intemporel. I am wearing the scarf in Blues which means you have a colour change menu and can change the tone. There are loads of other fab colours to choose from to.

Finally I am showing you the funky new shoe line to Rivea Pumps from MStyle and they have added some great new textures. I am showing you them in Queen snake and as the name suggests they have a great snakeskin texture.

Bierno is wearing a totally fantastic jacket from Sey called winter survivor jacket. It looks so realistic and it is sexy and stylish. He has also added a shirt from Sey called roll up shirt. He has also added a highly detailed belt from Grasp and to complete the look he is wearing shoes from Emery.

Baiastice, Je Suis, MStyle, Sey and XYROOM

Deeta Aeon

Skin - Belleza, Chloe Med *Makeup 19* (Tricky Boucher)
Shape - Image Studio, Mel Shape (Deeta Aeon)
Hair - (BURLEY) Liu *DB 02* (Bella Earst)
Jacket - Baiastice, Iko Fur Jacket Short *Black* (Sissy Pedssoa) NEW
Dress - [S], Fishnet Vibrant Dress (Avy Fhang) NEW at XYROOM
Shoes - MStyle, Rivea Pumps *Queen Shake* (Mikee Mokeev) NEW
Nails - Je Suis, Naive V2 withCcheetah Blues (Julia Merosi)
Scarf - Je Suis, Intemporel Scarf *Blues* (Julia Merosi) NEW
Bangle - AMD, Fionna (Apple May)
Ring - I Love Fashion, Butterfly ring (Part of set)(PaTTy90 Paule) NEW at XYROOM
Sunglasses - Miel, Bella Peepers (Mika Nieuport)
Earrings - (NHA!) Shena (Kyrha Bouscario)

Bierno Yoshikawa

Skin - DNA, Damien Type 2 Chin Strap (Brox Riaxik)
Hair - Burley, Dimitri Black 01 (Bella Earst)
Jacket - Sey, Winter Survivor Light Brown (risey Arai)
Shirt - Sey, Roll up Shirts-WS *Embroide-Black* (risey Arai)
Undershirt - Valiant, Plain Summer Tee (Wavie Haller)
Jeans - Gentleman, Used Heans *Black* (Raph Dirval)
Shoes - Hoorenbeek, Desert Boots *Brown* (Limer Fredriksso)
Gloves - Emery, Gloves Studded Black (sunami Beck)
Belt - Grasp, Chain Belt (Asalt Eames)

Image Studio

Je Suis

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