Saturday, October 1, 2011

Tropicalia Bazaar and XYROOM


Purple Moon has two great items which are exclusive to the Tropicalia Bazaar. Firstly is the sexy sleeveless pullover and it has a fab prim collar and another prim to the bottom giving that really great realistic look.


There are also a pair of matching boots which are fantastic. Both items available at the Tropicalia Bazaar.

I am also wearing a great skirt from Purpur which is detailed and well textured. This item is available at the XYROOM.


Image Studio

Tropicalia Bazaar

Deeta Aeon

Skin - Belleza, Chloe Med *Makeup 28* (Tricky Boucher)
Shape - Image Studio, Mel Shape (Deeta Aeon)
Hair - Mirai Style, Jump *Dark Brown* (Mirai Shan)
Top - PM, Sleeveless Pullover in Brown (Poulet Koenkamp) NEW At TTB
Boots - PM, My Comfy Boots (Poulet Koenkamp) NEW At TTB
Bangle - Je Suis, Asymetrique *Brown* (Julia Merosi)
Skirt - Purpur, Exclusive skirt for XYROOM Lusya (Avrora Tutti) NEW at XYROOM
Bag - Milk Motion, My satchel (Marie Lauridsen)
Belt - Malt, Jelly Bean scarf (Khea Karas) (Tinted)
Earrings - Ganked, Petal in Quartz (Misti Merryman)

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