Monday, November 28, 2011

Sexy Rhi - OC


It is well named one of the new releases from Orage Creations called Sexy Rhi - it is not only sexy but sultry, daring and just divine.


It is split all the way up to the side and made of the most gorgeous lace texture with silver thread. I love the idea of a breast tint undershirt layer (which is modify so you can match your skin colour) and also tintable delicate panties to.


Orage creations

Image Studio

Vanity Hair

Deeta Aeon

Skin - Krasota, Fransuasa Skin, *T4 M4* (NinasBell Resident) NEW
Shape - Image Studio, Jukie Shape (Deeta Aeon) Out soon
Hair - Vanity Hair, Raining Roses *Soil* (Tabata jewell)
Dress - OC, Sexy Rhi (Elettra Gausman) NEW
Shoes - Purrfect 10, Isis heel *Black* (Ten Dexler)
Earrings - R.icielli, Paris Earrings Silver *Black Diamond* (Fhara Acacia)
Nails - MStyle, Rounded Nails Classic *Silver* (Mikee Mokeev)
Poses - !bang, Stands 220-229 (Trieste Minuet)

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