Wednesday, November 2, 2011

XYROOM and Crazy

nov02 edited close

Just had to show you some more items from the XYRoom. I am wearing the sexy dress called Liquid from AstonisHD and a gorgeous scarf. I have added really beautiful skin from DAMNED and a tattoo from ASD. You can get all these fab items at the XYROOM at great low prices.

XYROOM and Crazy

I am also showing you the new boots from Crazy. Just love these and they are so stylish.

The poses I am using today are from Apple Spice and are called attitude poses. Just love them. Apple Spice has also moved so please take the new Landmark below :)

XYROOM and Crazy (Far)

Bierno is also wearing a funky jacket from the XYRoom called Calavera. The texture is fab and I love the design on the back. He has also added really great hair from Cheerno and trousers from Gabriel.

XYROOM and Crazy (Boots)

Image Studio
Apple Spice

Deeta Aeon

Skin - DAMNED Skin, SCH01 HB (DAMNEDShop Resident) NEW at XYROOM
Shape - Image Studio, Morgan Shape (Deeta Aeon)
Hair - Kik, Fine *Black* (As001 Littlething)
Dress - AstonisHD, Liquid (Tonya Krell) NEW at XYROOM
Scarf - I love fashion, Hot wool scarf (PaTTy Paul) NEW At XYROOM
Tattoo - *ASD* His love (Sabri Littlehook) NEW At XYROOM
Jewelry - Miel, Sha set (Mika Nieuport)
Gloves - MADEFORYOU, Leather higher gloves (Satyra Singh)
Boots - Crazy, Wedge Boots *Black* (Loan Jogiches) NEW
Socks - Fleshtone, Resistance thigh high socks (Gisele Mubble)
Poses - Apple Spice, Attitude Static poses (AppleSpiceStore Resident)

Bierno Yoshikawa

Skin - DNA, Damien Type 2 Chin Strap (Brox Riaxik)
Cigarette - NikotiN, Cigarette Rolled (Raph Dirval)
Hair - CheerNo, Jajay Simple *Black Pearl* (Cheerno Destiny)
Earring - Bandit, WL Pair of Diamond Earrings Unisex (Anthony77777 Bandit)
Jacket - Calavera, Leather Jacket La Rosa Relief *Unisex* (YENAY Joyce) NEW at XYROOM
Undershirt - Valiant, Vector Spot Soft Tshirt (Wavie Haller)
Belt - MANDALA, Mikoto Belt *Black* (Kikunosuke Eel)
Trouser - Gabriel, Cargo Pants *Black* (Takuya Jinn)
Shoes - Hoorenbeek, Chelsea 2.0 *Used Black* (LimerDesigner Fredriksson)

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