Sunday, December 4, 2011

Amarelo Manga's New Winter Collection and NX Nardcotix


I am showing you today some of the simply wonderful new releases from Amarelo Manga's new Winter Collection. The pieces are so original and stylish this store is a must to pick up those sophisitcated sepates and dresses.


I am firstly wearing the beautiful Camille Jacket which is available in a number of shades. Secondly I am wearing their Vintage Blouse and Vintage Velvet skirt.


Again they are all available in a number of lovely other colours to. Finally I am wearing the blouse called Pearl and pants called Fall Social - available in other colours to.


There are more fab items to including the bag I am wearing called Crocodile.


Please take the taxi below.


Also NX Nardcotix have released the fantastic Nara Chunky pumps. Available in an array of tempting colours and they have a great spiked design to the back - gorgeous!!!


Image Studio

Amarelo Manga
NX Nardcotix

Deeta Aeon Pics 1 and 2

Skin - Lara Hurley Skin, Emma Dark *red* (Lara Hurley) NEW
Shape - Image Studio, Julie shape (Deeta Aeon) Out soon
Hair - Boon, PUN448 *Chocolate* (Boon Nakamura)
Jacket - Amarelo Manga, Camille MoOD *001* (Luana Barzane) NEW
Skirt - The Sea Hole, Soft exposure ribbon dress *Vanilla* (Drinkinstein Sorbet) New at Cpllabo8
Shoes - NX Nardcotix, Nara Chunky pumps *Brown* (Nardya Rousselo) NEW
Earrings - MOOD, Pearle Blossom *Chocolate* (Jori Watler)

Pics 3 and 4

Blouse - Amarelo Manga, Vintage Blouse MOD *001* NEW
Skirt - Amarelo Manga, Vintage Velvet skirt MOD *001* NEW
Shoes - NX Nardcotix, Nara Chunky pumps *Black* NEW
Earrings - Purple Moon, Frozen Pearl Earrings (Poulet Koenkamp) NEW
Bag - Fleshtone Essentials, Fold over clutch *White* (Stevenzuuh Gossipgirl) NEW

Pics 5 and 6

Top - Amarelo Manga, Blouse Pearl MOD *001* NEW
Trousers - Amarelo Manga, Pants social mod *004* NEW
Shoes - NX Nardcotix, Nara Chunky pumps *Black* NEW
Bag - Amarelo Manga, Crocodile Bag *Black* NEW

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