Thursday, December 22, 2011

Apple May, Vanity Hair and INDI


AMD Have released the lovely outfit called Pucker up. It is cute and sexy and perfect for feeling warm in this chilly weather.


I am also wearing new boots from Kristica which are so well detailed. I am also showing you new hair from Vanity hair. They have applied a new hair conditionner and a Keratine treatment, the result is your hair more shiny and softer colours!! With those new textures they have added a "WHITES" palette that goes from white to different shades of gray. Reds palettes, have been modified as well.



Image Studio

Apple May Designs
Vanity Hair

Deeta Aeon

Skin - PXL, Linda Lt Cat eye and copperlips (Hart Larsson)
Shape - Image Studio, Zara Shape (Deeta Aeon)
Hair - Pic 1 - Vanity Hair, Mrs Rabbit *Soil* (Tabata Jewell) NEW
Pic 2 - INDI, Beanie Red (Jamie Holmer) NEW with Love Hunt
Outfit - AMD< Pucker Up (Apple may) NEW
Boots - Kristica, Knit boots *White* (Kristic Furman) NEW
Jewelry - Kosh, Nebula (Lynaja Bade)

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