Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Miamai Black Label New Collection


The new collection from Miamai is amazing. Monica Outlander has released another collection in her superb Black Label.


There are a great mixture of edgy dresses, Makeup, nails, head adornments, jackets and pants and amazing masks.


It is the attention to detail in this collection which amazed me and it is so original and classy but also dark and alluring.


Some of the pieces are incredible including the very long nails which add drama and elegance.


This wonderful collection is available now in the main store.



Image Studio
Je Suis

Deeta Aeon Outfit 1

Skin - Redgrave, Trinity Paper *Black Sadness* (Emilia Redgrave)
Shape - Image Studio, Charlotte Shape (Deeta Aeon)
Hair - Baiastice, Sami attachment *Black* (Sissy Pessoa)
Outfit - Miamai Black label, Borghild (Monica Outlander) NEW
Nails - Miamai Black Label, Isis nails NEW

Outfit 2

Skin *Deep Red*
Hair - Maiamai, Cronica silver *Black*
Jacket - Miamai Black Label, Morringhan NEW
Pants - Miamai Black Label, Milda *Black*
Nails - Miamai Black , Isis Nails NEW
Boots - Gos, Curvaceous Boots *Black* (Gospel Voom)

Outfit 3

Skin *Venice*
Hair - Baiastice, Agnes *Black*
Dress - Miamai Black Label, Fechin NEW
Earrings - Donna Flora, Elena (Squinternet Larnia)
Feather shawl, Miamai Black Label, Whisper *Dawn* NEW
Eyeshadow - Miamai Black Label, Inmutatio eyeshadow NEW

Outfit 4

Skin - *Deep Red*
Hair - Baiastice, Sami *Black*
Dress - Maiamai Black Label , Pure NEW
Jewelry - Je Suis, Leah (Julia Merosi)

Outfit 5

Skin *Venice*
Hair - Miamai, Kyla *Black*
Dress - Maiamai Black Label, Gauri NEW
Head attachment - Miamaia Black Label, Akar Fascinator NEW
Earrings - Purple Moon, Frozen Pearls (Poulet Koenkamp)
Mask - Miamai Black Label, Fasel Mask *White* New
Nails - Miamai Black Label, Achelois nails NEW

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