Friday, December 2, 2011

Preview of Mayden Couture at Winter Fair and Fab.Pony


The Winter fair will soon be upon us and today I am giving you a sneak preview of two of the items which will be available from Mayden Couture. Firstly the dress Guily. It is a gorgeous woollen texture with cute skirt and adorable scarf. It is available in a number of designs to.


I have also added the funky boots called Soana. They are divine and have an optional walk sound of treading on snow. They are also available in a number of designs.


I am also wearing one of the new releases from Fab.Pony manicure. They are gorgeous nails called nDigi Pink. Really well done and so realistic.


Image Studio

Deeta Aeon

Skin - Rockberry, Apple POE 4 Hunt *Dark* (Heather Beebe)
Shape - Image Studio, Julie Shape(Deeta Aeon) Out tomorrow
Hair - Damselfly, Chancie *Black pearl* (Shylah Honey)
Dress - Mayden Couture, Guily *Fuxia* (Mayden Ushima) Out 3 December Winter Fair 2011
Boots - Mayden Couture, Soana Boots *Pink* (Mayden Ushima) Out 3 Dec Winter Fair 2011
Earrings - MOOD< Cochita *Rosa* (Jori Watler) Nails - Fab.Pony, Digi Pink (Tatianna Faulkes) NEW
Poses - !bang, Stand Poses 220 - 229 (Trieste Minuet)

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