Saturday, January 14, 2012

Voix, Baiastice and Vanity Hair


Voix have a fabulous sale on at the moment and I am showing you some of their fabulous outfits and separates. Voix is a gorgeous venture by Gisele Mubble and the style is classy and elegant but still youthful and fun.
I am also wearing the gorgeous new hair release from Vanity Hair called Ruperta. I love this style which is flirty and sexy and perfect for so many outfits.


I am also showing you the new release from Baiastice which are the fantastic bags called Queen Hobo and boots called Oxa mesh ankle boots.


The bags are amazing with fab detail. There are clutches, shoulder bags and handbags - Just love them.


They have also released Oxa mesh boots in twin colours which are delightful.




Image Studio

Vanity Hair

Deeta Aeon look 1

Skin - Al Vulo, Polly Natural *Cpcoa* (Hlin Bluebird) Private Event
Shape - Image Studio, Naomi Shape (Deeta Aeon)
Hair - Exile, Carolyn *Autumn* (Kavar Cleanslate)
Dress - Voix, Canvas Dress *Purple* NEW
Cardigan - Voix, Wool Cardigan NEW
Bag - Baiastice, Queen Hobo Black Shoulder bag (Sissy Pessoa) NEW
Boots - Baiastice, Oxa mesh ankle boots *White/Black* NEW
Earrings - Yummy, Hodgepodge looped earrings (At Cpllabor8)

Look 2

Hair - Osmose, Fascination *Golden* (Fauve Beaumont) NEW
Dress - Voix, Paris Pixie *Purple* NEW
Bag - Baiastice, Queen Hobo Gold clutch NEW
Boots - Baiastice, Oxa mesh boots *Brown/Brown Gold* NEW
Earrings - Mood, Conchita earrings *Golden* (Jori Watler)

Look 3

Hair - Vanity Hair, Ruperta *Umber* (Tabata Jewell) NEW
Outfit - Voix, Color block dress *Green/Black* NEW
Bag - Baiastice, Queen Hobo white handbag NEW
Boots - Baiastice, Oxa Mesh boots *White/Black* NEW
Earrings - AMD, Wooden Butterfly (Apple May)

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