Saturday, March 31, 2012

Cynful and Miss C


Cynful have some great new rleases out today. Firstly new jeans called Zia and they are really sexy. They come with skinny cuffs, Flared and Boot Cut. Available in a number oif colours and textures and will be a great addition to your closet. They have also released a cute sexy mesh mini skirt. It will go with so many tops and is available in great colours.

I am also showing you the two new releases from Miss C which are fantastic hairstyles called Kristen and Rana. They are gorgeous and so glamourous run and get them now.


Image Studio
Miss C
Miss C
TEN 10

Deeta Aeon

Pic 1

Skin - Al Vulo, Sally Natural *Olive* (Hlin Bluebird)
Shape - Image Studio, Naomi Shape (Deeta Aeon)
Hair - Miss C, Rana *Espresso* (DjAngel Fallen) NEW
Top - Baiastice, Spring Mesh Bolero (Sissy Pessoa) NEW at Dressing Room Blue
Jeans - Cynful, Zia Denim Stripes *Light Blue* (Cynthia Ultsch) NEW
Jewelry - DDL, A perfect mess (Melina Anatine)
Shoes - Ilaya, Clasp Flats *Light Grey* (Ilaya Allen)
Belt - KristicA, Open Belt *Gray 2* (Kristic Furman)
Sunglasses - Miel, Bella peepers
Bag - S@BBia, Straw bag (Jury Gothly)

Pic 2

Hair - Miss C, Kristen *Espresso* NEW~Skirt - Cynful, Mesh Mini skirt *Pink* NEW
Boots - TEN'10, Kira Boots *Black Leopard* (Kisu Ronas)
Jewelry - DDL, Don't bring me down
Bag - BareRose Couture, Denima (June Dion)

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