Thursday, April 12, 2012

MONS, Bizarre hair and Cynful


MONS have got some fantastic new releases. I am showing you in Pic 3 one of their great new hairstyles called Riri. It comes with a texture change hat and loads of great hair colours. I am also showing you their amazing new makeups to. Do not forget to pick up the group gift of Dasha eyeshadows which are 4 wonderful dual eyeshadow colours.


The Sandals from MONS are excellent to and these Mesh sandals come in loads of different colours so you will sure to match your outfit. The colour change hud for the skin is very easy to work to.


MONS have also released some great Bodysuits and dresses and they are perfect for mixing and creating your own style. There are also wonderful bracelets to pick up and these are divine.

Bizarre hair have released the lovely hairstyle Hippyness. It comes with optional Bang and has cute flowers. Maylo Designs have also created Hippyness jewelry to compliment this hairsyle which give a great look together.


Cynful have also released their cute mesh mini skirt in the colour blue and this is for the wear gray event. They have also released more Zia Denim in the shade of indigo for this event.


Image Studio
Bizarre Hair
Maylo Designs
Wear Gray Event

Deeta Aeon

Pic 1

Skin - League, Jen Deep Tan *Olive* (Nena Janus)
Shape - Image Studio, Vicki shape (Deeta Aeon) Coming soon
Hair - D!va, Group gift *Brown Diamond* (Marisa Kisa)
Dress - MONS, Luda long dress *Pink/Zebra* (Ekilem MONS) NEW
Necklace and Earrings - Mandala, Sinra *Black* (Kikunosuke Eel)
Bangles - MONS, L Tena *Silver* R Xena (Grey) NEW
Nails - Izzie's, Classic nails (Izzie Button)
Makeup - MONS, Eyeshadow Glitter pink NEW

Pic 2

Hair - Bizarre hair, Hippyness *Dirty Blonde* (MyStiCa Matova) NEW
Jewelry - Maylo Designs, Hippyness (Maylo Dagostino) NEW
Bodysuit - MONS, Sasha Bodysuit *Orange* NEW
Sandals - MONS, WILD Mesh sandals *Black/Orange* NEW
Bag - MONS, Mesh cute handbag *Blue* NEW at Dressing Room Blue
Jeans - Cynful, Zia Denim *Indigo*(Cynthia Ultsch) New wear gray Event

Pic 3

Hair - MONS, Riri *Gold* NEW
Bodysuit - MONS, WILD Sasha Bodysuit *White* NEW
Skirt - Cynful, Mesh mini skirt *Blue* (Cynthia Ultsch) NEW Wear Gray event
Sandals - MONS,Mesh sandals *Black(Sequin)* NEW
Bag - Modern Gypsy, Pop Culture bag *Lennox* (Micah Kanto)
Bangles - MONS, Bangles *White* NEW
Makeup - MONS, Candy blush NEW
Earrings - MANDALA, Iroha earrings *Black*

Pic 4

Hair - D!va, Ruri type B *Rhodolite*
Dress - MONS, Dela Bodysuit *Teal* NEW
Bangles - MONS, Bangle *Green/Purple* *Green* NEW
Shoes - MONS, Mesh sandals *Black/Green* NEW
Makeup - MONS, Eyeshadow Dasha *Lime/Blue* NEW Group Gift

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