Tuesday, April 17, 2012

MONS, Gabriel and D!va


Bierno is wearing the gorgeous new mesh top from Gabriel.


It is so stylish and he is showing you it in Dark Gay and other great colors are available. He has added Hair from Burley.


MONS have an amazing new Summer of Love collection out and I am showing you part of it today. It is all Mesh and fantastic - Love it.


D!va have two new hairstyles out to the first is Nana and secondly Senri 2. They both come with optional bow and a texture change for the bow to.


As always the styles are available in type A and B, but now one single type is $150L and if you want to purchase both A and B it is $250L so great saving there.


Image Studio
Kawaii Fair
Pose Fair
Apple May Designs
MONS Summer Of Love Collection
My Perfect Wardrobe

Bierno Yoshikawa

Skin - Redgrave, David Tan Skin *05* (Emilia Redgrave)
Hair - Burley, Milo *Blonde 03* (Bella Earst)
Top - Gabriel, MESH Loose Long Sleeve Tshirt *Dark Gray* (Takuya Jinn)
Necklace - Emery, On the Wave (DeLirio Bailey)
Trousers - Hoorenbeek, Jeans Destroy/Trashy *Black* (LimerDesigner Fredriksson)
Shoes - Muism, Ankle Boots *Black* (Icemocolo Voom)

Deeta Aeon

Pic 1 and 2

Skin - League, Jen Deep Tn *Olive* (Nena Janus) with Pink Fuel Lipstick *Burgundy*
Shape - Image Studio, Vicki Sape (Deeta Aeon) Out soon
Hair - Lelutka, Trend *Toast* (Thora Charron) New
Top - MONS, Summer of love Collection MESH , Sport Top *Purple* (ekilem MONS) NEW
Skirt - MONS,Summer of love Collection MESH,Mini skirt *Colourful Brown* NEW
Bag - S@BBia, Print Bag (Jury Gothly)
Shoes - ty zvezda, shuffle flats *White* (Alan Edison)
Jewelry - Mile, Friendo
Black Bangle - Je Suis, Brillante black Bangle (Julia Merosi) NEW Pefect Wardrobe item

Poses - Pic 1, Miamai, Model Poses, Pulse (Mavi Beck) NEW at Pose Fair
Pic 2 - Miamai, Model Poses, Home (Mavi Beck) NEW 10 poses plus free prop $300L New at Pose Fair

Pic 3

Hair - Lelutka, Roma Hair *Toast* NEW
Top - MONS, Summer of love Collection, Jean Top *Cross* NEW
Skirt - MONS, Summer of love Collection, Mini skirt *Green* NEW
Bag - Milk Motion, My wool bag
Necklace - AMD, Hemp n beads (Apple May)
Shoes - S@BBia, Strap pumps

Pic 4

Hair - D!va, Nana Type B *Rhodolite* (Marisa Kira) NEW
Dress - MONS,Summer of love Collection MESH, Tie neck dress *Yellow* NEW
Bag - Beatnil, Summer bag *Brown* (Babby Zeid)
Bangle - MONS, Wild collection, Bangle Gold 3s
Necklace - Je Suis, Nocturne Watch necklace

Pic 5

Hair - D!va, Senri2 Hair *Type B Rhodolite* (Marisa Kira)NEW
Cupcake - Pepper, Sweet Cupecake Mouthie TFG (Danni Pfeffer)
Nails - Cute Bytes, Cute Nails (Bit McMillan)Kawaii Fair
Shoes - Miel, Mono Jane *Light* (Mika Nieuport)
Dress - Mayden Couture, Maika Dress *Pink* (Mayden Ushimawa) NEW at Kawaii Fair

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