Sunday, May 27, 2012

Baiastice and Orage Creations


Orage Creations have some gorgeous new releases. Firstly I am showing you Gold Spot Bathsuit. I am wearing it in Cyan and Black and it is so glamourous. The bathing suit comes with a fab beach towel to which you can see in the first picture. It is a bathing suit to be seen in and I adore the prim band to the top.

I am also wearing the breathtaking new gown called Parfum. Seductively slashed to the thigh with the most dreamy skirt. it is divine!!!


I am also wearing the new skin release from Baiastice and it is the beautiful Kate. Kate skin line is the ninth Baiastice skin generation made as Exclusive release for SA's Skin Showcase (May 25th-June 10th 2012.

Kate is available in 4 tones:   pearl, porcelain, peach and tan.
It comes with a base (makeup 1) + 8 different ready make up sets in tattoo layers. 

Each skin comes with:
                                          - 4 different eyebrows. black, blonde, brown and red,
                                          - with and without 4 different hair bases in same shades.
                                          - cleavage and minimizer optional on 2 layers
                                          - alpha layer to cover up default lashes
                                          - pubic hair in different tones from light to dark on 2 layers
                                          - 3 different eyebrows base styles
                                          - tattoo face freckles
                                          - tattoo teeth 


She is a stunner!


Skin addicitions
Orage creations


Deeta Aeon

Pics 1 and 2

Skin - Baiastice, Kate tan *Makeup 1* (Sissy Pessoa) NEW
Shape - Image Studio, Vicki shape (Deeta Aeon)
Hair - E, Past *Blonde 6* (Elikapeka Tiramisu)
Bathing suit - OC, Gold spot Bathsuit *Cyan* (Elettra Gausman) NEW
Bangle - Mandala, Takra Bangle *Rich Gold* (Kikunosuke Eel)
Necklace - Uzuri, Rhama necklace *Bella Bombast)
Sunglasses - Lelutka, Garbo shades *Champagne* (Thora Charron)

Pic 3

Skin - Baiastice, Kate tan *Makeup 6* New
Hair - E, Wish *Blonde 6*
Bathing suit - OC, Gold Spot Bathsuit *Black* NEW

Pic 4

Skin - Baiastice, Kate Tan *Makeup 1* New
Hair - Osmose, Lanna *Golden* (Fauve Beaumont)
Gown - OC, Parfum NEW
Jewelry - Donna Flora (Squinternet Larnia)

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