Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Orage Creations


Today I am showing you some fabulous items from Orage creations. Firstly the very beautiful skin called Bella. The skin is one of the Les Naturelles skins. ore natural, ethnically inspired they represent a new concept of skins.
You can find them in 8  basic make up (nude, pink, blue, cherry, rage, smoky I, smoky II and drama).
Each make up comes with 2 hairbases (brown and blond), 2 pubic hair (blonde and black), 4 eyebrow shapes and physics.


I am also wearing in pic 1 the stunning gown Berry. This has wonderful attachments and is a gown to take your breath away.


The second gown is Bolivian Girl and equally dramatic and stylish.

Finally wearing Cross my body bathing suit which is so sophisticated and classy and comes with the towel shown in final pic.


Orage creations



Image Studio

Deeta Aeon

Pic 1

Skin - OC, Bella Skin *Nude* (Elettra Gausman) new
Lipstick - Pink Fuel, Elly Chai Glam *Fushia*
Shape - Image Studio, Vicki Shape (Deeta Aeon)
Hair - Plume, Hibiscus *Golden* (Fauve Beaumont) new called Osmose
Gown - OC, Berry (Elettra Gausman) new
Jewelry - Donna Flora, Chandelier (Squinternet Larnia)

Pic 2

Skin - OC, Bella Skin *Nude* new
Hair - Plume, Amor *Onyx*
Gown - OC, Bolivian Girl New
Jewlry - Donna Flora, Autumn Leaves

Pic 3

Skin - OC, Bella Skin *Nude* new
Lipstick as above *Royal*
Hair - Vive Nine, Duchess braid in Dirty Blonde (Sanya Bilavio)
Body suit - OC, Cross My Body *Amethyst* New
Shoes - N-Core, Coquette Platform *Purple* (Claire Messenger)

Poses - Agapee, Gown set 13 (Argnit Igaly)

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