Sunday, July 8, 2012

MONS, Izzie's, KristicA and D!va hair


MONS have released thr very sexy lace mesh top. In pic 1 this is the colour which you can get from the Dressing Room Blue at a discounted price. The top is so summery and will match with so many looks.


I am also wearing the new hair from D!va hair called Tomoko 2. It is very cute hair and available at Collabor8 at a great price. There are loads of colours to choose from and you have the option of taking off the lovely daisies but I just adore them.

I am also wearing the new skin from Izzie's called Eliza. It has a very pretty face with fab body detail. it comes in the shades of Caramel, Deep Tan, Mocha, Natural, Pale, Porcelai and Sunkissed. It comes with the option of freckles on the tatto layer, lashes on tattoo layer,10 eyeshadows and 12 lipsticks. A beautiful skin.

I am also wearing the new moccasins from KristicA. They are great and available i four colours. There are also a set for guys to.



Image Studio





The Dressing Room Blue



Deeta Aeon

Pic 1

Skin - Izzie's, Eliza Skin Caramel (Izzie Button) new
Shape - Image Studio, Vicki Shape (Deeta Aeon)
hair - Leverocci, Min *Beige* (Leverocci Resident)
Top - MONS, Summer of Love Collection, Lace Shirt *Blue/Orange* (Ekilem) New The Dressing Room Blue
Pants - TuttiFrutti, Carrie Bermuda mesh shorts *Pale Rose* Mesh Bella Tolsen) new
Bracelets - FZaPP, Egito *Silver* (Fernandinha Zapedzki) new#Shoes - Maitreya Gold, Moxie Summer couture (Onyx LeShelle)Sunglasses - Miel, Bella Peepers
Bag - Fleshtone, Azealia mini bag *Maya* (Gisele Mubble)

Pic 2

Skin - Izzie's. Eliza skin Caramel with eyeshadow Blue  New
Hair - D!va hair, Tomoko 2 Type A *Rhodolite* (Marisa Kira) new at Collabor8
Top - MONS, SLC, Lace shirt mesh *Night and Grey* New
Jeans - TuttiFrutti.Carrie Mesh jeans *Pearl* new
Shoes - Kristica, Moccasins Womens *Blue* (Kristic Furman) new
Bangle - Je Suis, Asymmetrique bangle *Brown* (Julia Merosi)
Necklace - Je Suis Nocturne necklace

Pic 3

Skin - Izzie's, Eliza skin caramel with rose lipstick new
Hair - D!va hair, Tomoko 2 Type A *Ruby*New at Collabor8
Top - MONS, SLC, Lace Shirt mesh *Green/Fushia* New
Shorts - TuttiFrutti, Carrie Bermuda shorts *Egret* new
Shoes - KristicA, Moccasins womens *Pink* new
Necklace - MG, Pearl Necklace Single *White* (Moxie Gossamer)
Bag - Milk Motion, My tote bag *Birds* (Marie Lauridsen) 

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