Saturday, July 21, 2012

Vero Modero and Limited Bazaar


Showing you two lovely mesh dresses from Vero Modero from their Cruise Line. They come with dress, hat and scarf. Really lovely design and can be dressed in so many ways.


Also showing you items from the Limited Bazaar which is how it sounds there are only 150 items of each design so get in there quick!!!


Linited Bazaar
Image Studio
Vero Modero
Hair Fair
MG Jewelry

Deeta Aeon

Pic 1

Skin - League, Jen Deeptan *Olive* (Nena Janus)
Shape - Image Studio, Vicki Shape (Deeta Aeon)
Eyeliner - Filthy, Serious eyeliner and shadow *Silver* (Alexandra Barcelos) new
Hair - DeLa, Mesh hair Lori *Black Purple* (Kuranosuke Eel) new
Dress - Vero Modero, Marine Dress *Line* (Bouquet Babii) new
Shoes - N-Core, Emporium *White* (Claire Messenger)
Bag - Izzie's, Heart bag *Purpel Leo* (Izzie Button)
Necklace and Earrings - MG, Esme Loops *Pearl* (Maxi Gossamer)
Sunglasses - Artilleri, Greta *White* (Antonia Marat)
Bangle - Nemesis, Hot Bangle *Lavender* (Calypso Clip)
Nails - MSyyle, Long Nails *Funky Amethyst* (Mikee Mokeev)

Pic 2

Hair - DeLa, Mesh Hair Lori *Brown Pink* New
Dress - Vero Modero, Marine Dress *Red* New
Jewelry - MG, South Sea *Pearl*
Sunglasses - as above *Pink*
Nails - MStyle, Long nails *Funny Bunny*
Bag - HOF, Suede Satchel *White* (Stevenzuuh Gossipgirl)

Pic 3

Eyeliner - Filthy, Eyeliner and shadow *Blue* new
Hair - MONS, Hair Mare *Blonde* (Ekilem) New Dollarbie at Hair Fair
Dress - Major Emma Dress (Vikeejeah Xevion) new at Limited Bazaar
Bag - Fleshrone, Karmen Satchel *Python* New at Limited Bazaar
Jewelry - Handverk, Hammered metal (Daphne Klossovsky) new at Limited Bazaar
Shoes - as above *Silver*

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