Saturday, August 25, 2012

MONS, Cynful, TEN'10 and Izzie's


Wearing the beautiful new skin from MONS called Johanna. It comes in Bronze, Light and Pale and each tone has 5 different makeups, Cleavage option and different brow colours. It is a fab skin with loads of detail.


Also wearing soon to be released items from Cynful. The dress is funky and available from I Love SL Fashion event. The shorts are mesh come in hi or low rise and loads of colours and will be available at main store on Sunday 26 August

Wearing new sexy boots from TEN'10. There are some great colours to choose from and they are mesh.


Image Studio
I love SL Fashion

Deeta Aeon

Pic 1

Skin - MONS, Johanna Brown brows, Bronze *Makeup Blue* (ekilem) New
Eyeliner - Filthy, Serious liner and shadow *Silver* (Alexandra Barcelos)
Shape - Image Studio, Vicki shape (Deeta Aeon)
Hair - Lamb, VBlue Velvet *My Little Pony* (Lamb Bellic)
Dress - Cynful, Hoodie it up keep Calm (Cynthia Ultsch) New at I love SL Fashion event
Boots - TEN'10, Sadine Boots *Pink* (Kisu Ronas) New
Bracelets - FZaPP, Summer (Fernandinha Zapedzki)
Sunglasses - Purple Moon, Coco *Black* (Poulet Koenkamp)
Nails - Izzie's, Metallic Gradient nails (Izzie Button) New
Necklace - Miel, Echo necklace

Pic 2

Skin - MONS, Johanna Skin Brown brows *Soft Makeup* New
Hair - Lamb, Blue Velvet *Unicorn*
Top - Glox, Etel Aqua Mesh top (Mea Carnell)
Shorts - Cynful, Enjey jeans short *Light Blue* New
Boots - TEN'10, Sadina Boots *White* New
Nails - Izzie's, Gradient nails  New
Necklace - AMD, Wooden Butterfly (Apple May)
Bangle - Je Suis, Vintage bangle (Julia Merosi)

Pic 3

Skin - League, Isla Deep Tan *Olive* (Nena Janus)
Hair - Lamb, Blue Velvet *Left brianed*
Top - Chloe, Vest lace *White* (PrincesaCindy Bravitz)
Shorts - Cynful, Enjey Jeans short *Bleached Blue* New
Boots - TEN'10, Sadina Boots *White* New
Necklace and Ring - Je Suis, Fraise set
Nails - Izzie's, Gradient nails new
Sunglasses - Gos, Butterfly (Gospel Voom)
Bag - ABOMB, Tote *Blue stripes* (Lavea Alter)

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