Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Vanity hair, Cupcakes, Cynful,Spirit Store, Shock and FZaPP


Firstly in pic 1 wearing fab underwear from Cynful called Deliciosa which now has the prim boob applier to match so so sexy. Also wearing the new fantastic hair from Vanity hair called Cuchi. Wow just love this new mesh hair which comes in the new gradient colours and there is also a plain and streaked version. Also wearing gorgeous belly piercing from Shock which is available at SWAG event.


Pic 2 wearing new mesh dress from FZaPP with very sexy jewlry from FZapp. The jewelry is available at the SWAG event which starts Oct 1.

Pic 3 and 4 wearing so so lovely skin from Cupcakes called Doll. the makeups and lipsticks and eyebrow colours are on the tattoo layer and ther is baseline makeup. it comes in some great skin tones and just so fabulous. Check this skin out. Also wearing dutch'ys tankard from Cynful and now there is a prim boob applier for it. Wearing great new mesh shorts from Spirit Store. They are mesh and unisex so male and female sixes included and available in loads of colours.


Pic 4 wearing Stapless overall from Cynful and the prim boob applier for this and strapless dress is now at the I love SL fashion event for $50L yay.


Image Studio
Spirit Store
Vanity Hair
I Love SL Fashion

Deeta Aeon

Pic 1

Skin - Belleza, Shyla Medium *Makeup 1 with lips 0* (Tricky Boucher)
Shape - Image Studio, Coco Shape (Daeeta Aeon) new
Hair - Vanity Hair, Cuchi Plain *Vainilee* (Tabata jewell) mesh New
Underwear - Cynful, Deliciosa *Zebra* (Cynthia Ultsch) New
Prim boob applier - Cynful, Zebra Applier New
Prim boobs - LOLAS! Push up (Sandi Moonites)
Jewelry - League, Wanderer *Black* (Nena Janus)
Shoes - MStyle, Rivea Pumps *Grey Panther* (Mikee Mokeev)
Belly piercing - Shock, Spikes and skull (Ilary Galaxy) New at SWAG 1 Oct
Nails - Shock, All shoes nails *Dark* New

Pic 2

Skin - Belleza, Shyla medium *Makeup 15 lips 3*
Hair - Truth, Tashia w roots *Oasis*(Truth hawks)
Dress - FZaPP, Moda Fashion overall mesh 00 (Fernandinha Zapedzki) New
Jewelry - FZaPP, Set exclusive SWAG sexy bomb gold
 New at SWAG on 1 Oct
Shoes - N-Core, Emporium *Gold* (Claire messenger)

Pic 3

Skin - Cupcakes, Doll Apricot Starlet 4 cleavage with Starlet Lip 4 (Rosemary Galbraith) new
Shape - Image Studio, Coco new
Hair - Vanity Hair , Cuchi Streak *Vainille8 new
Top - Cynful, Dutch's Tnkard *Dark red* Prim boob applier also available  new
Shorts - Spirit Store, Elena mesh shorts *Blood* (Spirit Osmus) new
Bangle - FZaPP, Bracelet mesh precious long *3* new
Bag - [MRM] Clear tote *Burner Black* (Masaru Raymaker)
Shoes - HOC, Suede sneakers (Goo Nishi)

Pic 4

Skin - Cupcakes, Doll Apricot nStarlet 3 cleavage with Starlet lip 1  New
Hair - Vanity hair, Cuchi *Sunflower8 new
Overall - Cynful, Strapless overall *Blue*
Prim breast applier - Cynful, Strapless overall prim breast applier *Blue* New at I love SL Fashion Event
Jewelry - League, Wanderer
Shoes - MStyle, Goshi *Chamoisee*

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