Thursday, October 4, 2012

Candy Doll,Spirit Store, Kosh, FZaPP, MStyle and Vanity Hair


Wearing gorgeous new items from Candy Doll. The skin is Windy and for the halloween Event. it comes in a number of shades.


I am wearing the new top Nylan which is sexy and available at SWAG event. The shoes are fab to from Candy Doll and called Dolce. loads of great colours to choose from.


Wearing mesh outfit from FZaPP. It comes in top, skirt, Bracelet and ring all included and available in more designs.

Also wearing new pants from Spirit Store and jewelry from Kosh.


MStyle New Mainstore

Spirit Store
Image Studio
Vanity Hair
MStyle New Mainstore
Red Mint and Roots
Apple May Designs

Candy Doll

Halloween Event
The SWAG Fest

Deeta Aeon

Pic 1

Skin - Belleza, Shyla Med *Makeup 12 Lipstick 0* (Tricky Boucher)
Shape - Image Studio, Coco Shape (Deeta Aeon)
Hair - Vanity hair, Cuchi-Cuchi *Vainille* (Tabata jewell) New
Outfit - FZaPP, Longa skirt /Bracelets/Ring/Top mesh *Mustache* (Fernandinha Zapedzki)
Other ring - Kunglers, Nirvana *Silver* (AvaGardner Kungler)
Nails - MStyle, Long nails V2 Ombre Pack 2 *Love Micheal* (Mikee Mokeev) new

Pic 2

Skin - Candy Doll, Windy Cup c *Cream* (Rebeca Dembo) new for halloween Event
Lipstick - Pink Fuel, Elly Chai Glam lipstick *Hard Candy*
Hair - Wasabi Pills, Megumi *Rye*
Shape as above
Top - Candy Doll, Nylan Top *White* New for SWAG event
Jeans - Candy Doll, Cosita mesh jeans *Ripped Shade 8*
Shoes - Candy Doll, Dolce heels *Rosadas* New
Necklace - Kosh, Copeck *Silver* (Lynaja Bade) New
Bracelet - Kosh, Copeck *Silver* New
Earrings - AMD, Obnoxious hoops *Black* (Apple May)
Nails - MStyle, Long nails V2 Ombre pack 2 *Passion* new

Pic 3

Hair - Red mint, Mesh hair 6 *Satin Blonde/Dirty blonde* (Moni Schulze)
Top - Candy doll, Nyln top *Black* New at SWAG event
Pants - Spirit Store, Yasmine Rigged Mesh pants unisex *Cherry* (Spirit Osmus) new
nails - MStyle, as above *Me Faints* New
Shoes - Candy Doll, Dolce *White* new

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