Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Miamai, Cynful and FZaPP


Firstly showing you the fab oversized sweatshirt dress from Cynful. This is available at the Frost event which starts 12 December and comes in loads of colors.


Also showing you some new releses from Miamai which is firstly sexy boots. They are called Exodus High Heel Boots and come in Black Leather, Bone and Rosewood.


Secondly showing you some of the new items from Miamai's Black Label Collection. Very dramatic and stylish and available in different styles.


Image Studio
Ben's Beauty
Donna Flora

Deeta Aeon

Pic 1

Skin - PXL, Sophia Sunkissed *Bare Lips* (Hart Larson)
Shape - Image Studio, Coco Shape (Deeta Aeon)
Hair - Sugarsmack, Elaina *French Vanilla* (Accountant Adzebills)
Dress - Cynful, Oversized Swaetshirt Dress *Hot Pink* (Cynthia Ultsch) New at Frost Starts 12 Dec

Becklace, bracelet and ring - Kosh, Demonica (Lynaja Bade)
Nails - nShock, Starshine nails Glitter (Ilary Galaxy)
Boots - Miamai, Exodus High Heel Boots *Black Leather* (Monica Outlander) New

Pic 2

Skin as above *Cherrylips*
Hair - Sugarsmack, Paloma *French Vanilla*
Outfit - Miamai, BL Antara  New Black Label
necklace, Earrings and Ring - FZaPP, 2013 Black/Silver* (Fernandinha Zapedzki) New out 20 Dec
Boots - Miamai, Exodus High Heel Boots *Bone* New

Pic 3

Outfit - Miamai, BL Orla *Snake* New Black Label
Boots -miamai, Exodus High Heel Boots *Rosewood* New
Tattoo - Kristica, Leopard (Kristic Furman)
Earrings - Bens beauty, Jay *Red/Black* (Snow Martiel)

Pic 4

hair - Sugarsmack, Roman *French Vanilla*
Dress - Miamai, Rajhu  New Black Label
Earrings, Ring and Necklace - Donna Flora, Gastone *Ruby* (Squinternet Larnia)

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