Friday, December 14, 2012

Red Mint, Belleza, Bens Beauty and Legal Insanity


Firstly showing you two fab items from Red Mint. There is the low rise mini skirt available in a number of colors. It is so sexy and has a choice to wear a string with it or not. The panties have a color change menu to. Also wearing their new Ugg Style boots. They are so so cute and come in a number of colors.

I am wearing in pic 2 the new release from Legal Insanity called Angelina Mars  Catsuit. Wow is it so stylish and also available in loads of colors.


Image Studio
Legal Insanity
Ben's Beauty
Red Mint and Roots
Fi* Friday

Deeta Aeon

Pic 1

Skin - PXL, Sophia Sunkissed *Bare Lips* (Hart Larsen)
Shape - Image Studio, Coco Shape (Deeta Aeon)
Hair - Magika, Awkward *Pack 1* (Sabina Gully)
Top - Image Studio, Lulu tshirt *Beige8
Skirt - Red Mint, Low rise mini skirt w string *No 1* (Moni Schulze0 new
Boots - Red Mint, Ugg style Boots *No 1* New
Tattoo - Glue Ink, No regrets (Becks Ysabel)
Bangle - Bens beauty, Abbey Bracelet (Snow Martiel)
Necklace - Bens Beauty, One day necklace
Earrings - Bens beauty, Pure earrings *Cream*
Rings - Bens Beauty, Melissa rings *Black* New for Fi Friday
Nails - Shock, Starshine Glitter nails *Black* (Ilary Galaxy0

Pic 2

Skin - Belleza, Kate Tan Frost (Tricky Boucher) New at Frost
Shape - Image Studio, Coco Shape
Hair - Clawtooth, Take on me *Girl Next Door (Bubbles Clawtoth)
Catsuit - Legal Insanity, Angelina Mars Catsuit *Petroil* (DATRIP Blackbart) new
Necklace - Bens Beauty, Wings Necklace
Sunglasses - Dela, RG1 *Gray*

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