Saturday, June 15, 2013

Baiastice, Kunglers and The Cosmetics Fair


Showing you beautiful bikinis and hats from Baiastice which will be available from Summerfest 13 when it opens today.


There are two styles of bikinis to choose from and they both come in an array of amazing colors. There are also the wonderfuul Frilly Summer hats which are perfect to wear on the beach to.


Also showing you new makeups from +nuuna+ and gorgeous eyelashes from La Malvada Mujer which will be available from The Cosmetics Fair which opens today.


Summerfest 13
Cosmetics Fair
Glam Affair
Image Studio

Deeta Aeon

Pic 1

Skin - Glam Affair, Cleo India Brows B *Makeup 3 with glossy lips 1*
Shape - Image Studio, Ellie Shape (Deeta Aeon)
Teeth - Tuli , parted lips *Set 2*
Hair - Eaters Coma, Hair 22 *Light Sandy Blonde* (Kumii Yoshikawa)
Bikini - Baiastice, 3D Flower Bikini *Fushsia* (Sissy Pessoa) New at SummerFest 13
Hat - Baiastice, Frilly Summer hat *Mint* New at SummerFest 13
Earrings and necklace - Kunglers, Yara *Silver* (AvaGardner Kungler) New at L'accessories
Eyelashes - La Malvada Mujer, Fake Blue and Pink lashes (Faina Cortes) New at Cosmetics Fair
Eyeshadow - +Nuuna+ Ara *Pink* (Nuuna Nitely) New at Cosmetics Fair

Pic 2

Skin and shape as above
Hat - Baiastice, Frilly Summer hat *Black* New at Summerfest 13
Bikini - Baiastice, Chain bikini *Coral* New at Summerfest 13
Makeup - +nuuna+  Halftone *orange*  New at Cosmetics Fair

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