Sunday, June 23, 2013

MOJO, Amarelo Manga, Miamai, Izzie's, Revolt and Cosmetics Fair


Pic 1 wearing sexy new dress from Amarelo Manga.


It is cute and available in main store. Pic 3 wearing the ropmper suit and boots also from Amarelo Manga and they are at The Designers Circle.

Pic 2 wearing new skirt from Amarelo Manga, and in pic 1 and 2 waeing gorgeous new clogs from Miamai. The detail is superb and there are three to choose from.


Pic 3 wearing new group gift from MOJO which is skin called Suzanne.


Image Studio
Amarelo Manga
Designers Circle
Cosmetics Fair

Deeta Aeon

Pic 1

Skin - MOJO, Carol Cocoa *Makrup 04 with eyemakeup 1* (Ethan74 Rumpler) New
Shape - Image Studio, Ellie Shape (Deeta Aeon)
Teeth, Tuli, Parted teeth 2
Hair - Exile, Sparkle and Fade *Light Blondes* (Kavar Cleanslate)
Dress - Amarelo Manga, Waleska *Pink* (Luana Barzane) New
Shoes - Miamai, Samara *Morena Pumps* (Monica Outlander) New
Nails - Shock, Fever naiails XXL (Ilary Galaxy) Group gift
Necklace - Izzie's, Anchor necklace *Gold* (Izzie Button) New


Skin - MOJO, Carol Cocoa *Makeup 3 with eyemakeup 1* New
Hair - Exile, Desperately Waiting *Light Blondes*
Top - R3volt, Jyns strapped jacket *White* (R3volt Resident)
Skirt - R3volt, Sage skirt V3  New
Shoes - Miamai, Samara *Revere Clogs* New
Necklace as above *Silver* New
Sunglasses - Lelutka, Garbo *White* (Thora Cahrron)
Bag - Attic, Olympia clutch bag *Green* (DavidReis)

Pic 3

Skin - MOJO, Suzanee Group Gift  New
Hair - Exile, Bad reputation *Light Blondes*
Ropmer - Amarelo Manga, Romper *Black* New at Designers Circle
Boots - Amarelo Manga, Lorena ankle boots  New at Designer Circle
Bag - ATTIC, Audrey tote *Polli9c* at Chapeter Four
Socks - Izzie's, Over knee socks *Aqua

Pic 4

Makeup - Cosmetics Fair, Sahkeup!, Rio Lipstick *Punk Edition* New at Cosmetics Fair

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