Sunday, August 18, 2013

Gabriel, Identity and PURE


In first two pics showing you gorgeous new dress from Gabriel. It comes with a free pair of amazing shoes. You can wear the dress two ways either with appliers or standard. It is so sexy and stylish.


Pic 3 is the new busty dress from PURE. It is called Busty dress and comes in two designs and is at the Designers circle.


Image Studio
Pink Fuel
Nailed it
Dressing Room Fusion
Gabriel and Agapee
Designers Circle

Deeta Aeon

Pic 1

Skin - Pink Fuel, Harley, Hazel tone *Lid 1 Lt Brow A with pink lipstick*
Shape - Image Studio, Jude Shape
Hair - Ploom, Billie *Blondes*
Dress with free shoes - Gabriel, Wrapping Dress *Baby Pink* New
Boobies - LOLAS! Tango
Bracelets - AMD, Fashionista *Silver*
Necklace - Bens Beauty, Slipper love
Tattoo - Identity, Broken glass *Faded* New

Pic 2

Hair - Truth, Lyma w roots *Lt Blondes*  New
Dress and free sandals - Gabriel, Wrapping Dress *Black* New
Nails - Nailed it, Ombre pack
Earrings and ring - Yummy, Caprice *B W* (Polyester Partridge)

Pic 3

Hair - Truth, Carrie w roots *Lt Blondes*
Dress - PURE, Mesh Busty Dress *Colorful* New at Designers Circle
Nails - Nailed it, Bright set *Canary*
Earrings and bracelet - A+Ana FJ, Last blue summer  New at Dressing Room Fusion

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