Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Big Show

The Big Show

The Big Show

Image Studio
The Big Show
Cynful and MG

Deeta Aeon

Pic 1

Skin - Essences, Clover , Brown brows *Brilliant*
Shape - Image Studio, Marley shape
Hair - Eaters Coma. Hair 41 *Light Noir*
Top and appliers - [HC] Sky little corset top  New at The Big Show
Shorts and appliers - PANIK, Aip top shorts *Magenta* New at The Big show
Boobies - LOLAS!, Tango
Booty - Luck Inc, phat azz
Feet - Slink avatar enhancement feet medium
Shoes - REIGN, Stricken slink pumps *White* New at The Big show
Hands - Slink, avatar enhancement hands flat
Tattoo - Identity, dirty sinner plus Identity lolas only applier
Necklace and earrings - MG, Purse and kitten heels
Bracelets - MG, Laquered pink and silver
Leg cuff - Random matter , vessel leg chain solid white  New at The big Show
Mouse ears - L, mouse ears  Here on Marketplace
Dango (Sweet held in hand) - [Amai] Dango *Cotton candy* Editted so attached to hand   Here on the Marketplace
Lipstick - Ricielli, Maxine lipstick 7

Pic 2

Hair - DeLa, Kim *Black 4*
Top and appliers - Lolita, casual top *Pink* New at The Big Show
Jeans - HolliPocket - Jeggins Jeans set 5  New at The Big show
Legwarmers - HolliPocket - Stubby warmers Prints set  New at The Big show
Necklace - Bens Beauty, slipper  love
Tattoo - Identity, fallin apart
Hair Bow - Ticky tacky no-longer available

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