Monday, November 28, 2011

Gabriel Winter Collection


Bierno and I are again showing you some of the amazing new items in Gabriel's new winter collection.


I am showing you Megu One Piece and this comes in either Zebra, Snake or Leopard. It is really sexy with matching fab boots and the most amazing belt with pouch. The styling is gorgeous and you will just love it!


Bierno is wearing the sexy 2012 Down Jacket in white. This is so well designed and looks so real. Please visit the gabriel Main store taxi below:

!!22!!aaaaaaaaagabs13a_001 copy


Image Studio


Deeta Aeon

Pictures 1, 2 and 3
Skin - Krasota, Franuasa *T4 M4* (NinasBell Resident) NEW
Shape - Image Studio, Julie (Deeta Aeon) Out soon
Hair - Likeli, Curtly Fro (LikeLi Resident)
Outfit - Gabriel, Megu Zebra One piece (Sora Tathum) NEW
Jewelry - Mandala (Kikunosuke Eel)
Nails - MStyle, Perfect Hand Long *Black* (Mikee Mokeev)

Picture 4
As above
Outfit - Gabriel, Megu Snake one piece (Sora Tatham) NEW

As above
Outfit - Gabriel, Megu Leopard one piece (Sora Tathum) NEW
Jewelry - Kunglers, Maasi (AvaGardner Kungler)

Poses - !bang stand poses

Bierno Yoshikawa

Skin - DNA, Damien Type 2 Chin Strap (Brox Riaxik)
Hair - Dura, Boys&Girls 15 Dark Brown (chiaki Xue)
Jacket - Gabriel, 2012 Down Jacket *White* (Takuya Jinn) NEW
Undershirt - Aoharu, BT Tank Black (machang Pichot)
Gloves - YV, Victor Knucle Gloves (Yvette Vultee)
Trouser - Armidi Limited A001 Jeans Blac Industrial *theWarehouse* (Nicole David)
Shoes - Hoorenbeek, Patagonia 2.0 Black (Limer Fredriksso)
Poses - Agapee

Sexy Rhi - OC


It is well named one of the new releases from Orage Creations called Sexy Rhi - it is not only sexy but sultry, daring and just divine.


It is split all the way up to the side and made of the most gorgeous lace texture with silver thread. I love the idea of a breast tint undershirt layer (which is modify so you can match your skin colour) and also tintable delicate panties to.


Orage creations

Image Studio

Vanity Hair

Deeta Aeon

Skin - Krasota, Fransuasa Skin, *T4 M4* (NinasBell Resident) NEW
Shape - Image Studio, Jukie Shape (Deeta Aeon) Out soon
Hair - Vanity Hair, Raining Roses *Soil* (Tabata jewell)
Dress - OC, Sexy Rhi (Elettra Gausman) NEW
Shoes - Purrfect 10, Isis heel *Black* (Ten Dexler)
Earrings - R.icielli, Paris Earrings Silver *Black Diamond* (Fhara Acacia)
Nails - MStyle, Rounded Nails Classic *Silver* (Mikee Mokeev)
Poses - !bang, Stands 220-229 (Trieste Minuet)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Baiastice and Nemesis


Nemesis have released a gorgeous new collection. There are loads of amazing items of clothes and also accessories so you get a wonderfully co-ordinated look. I am wearing the slinky and sexy dress Sweetness in the colour Nougat and other great colours also available. It has a wonderful chest prim which just ooozes style. I have added the tights called Pleasure and just love the two tone effect. They are also available in many colours to.


I am also wearing the lovely bracelets called Muse. They work so well with the dress and I also added the fantastic new clutch. It is very well designed and looks so realistic.It is also available in other colours to. There are loads more items so take the taxi below to the main store.

I am also showing you the fantastic new boots from Baiastice they are superb. They are called Jyo and are available in Black, Blue, Brown Desert,Burnt Brown, Green, Purple, Red, White and Wine so you will be sure to find a colour to match your outfit. I love the buckles around the shoe and they also come with a version with socks so very versatile. These boots are available from the Main store now.


Turning now to sales. Remember there is a fab sale on going at the moment at Je Suis. I think this remains on until tomorrow so please get down there and enjoy some wonderful savings. Miamai is also having a sale on gowns at their store at the Galleria at Franks. There is 50% off gowns so well worth a visit this will be on until 28 November. Also Belleza has a Black Friday Sale on going The Black Friday sales will be ending tonight, so if you haven't visited be sure to. All skin bundles are 50% Off and Aiko Bundle 75% off for the Skin Addiction Black Friday sale, this price is only available to Skin Addiction members, be sure to wear your tag! so get down there for some massive savings.


Image Studio
Je Suis
Galleria at Franks

Deeta Aeon

Skin - Krasota, Fransuasa *T4 M4* (NinasBell Resident) NEW
Shape - Image Studio, Julie Shape (Deeta Aeon) Out Soon
Hair - Truth, Janice *Night* (Truth Hawks) NEW

Dress - Nemesis, Sweetness Dress *Nougat* (Calyps Clip) NEW
Tights - Nemesis, Pleasure Tights *Black* (Calypso Clip) NEW
Bag - Nemesis, Clutch *Black* (Calyspso Clip) NEW
Bangles - Nemesis, Muse Bracelets (Calypso Clip) NEW
Boots - Baiastice, Jyo Boots *Black* (Sssy Pessoa) NEW
Necklace - Deco, Pearl Double Strand Necklace (Orchid Zenovka)
Nails - Je Suis, Naive V2 with add on Cheetah *Browns* (Julia Meroso)
Poses - Gesticulate

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Krasota, Vero Modero and Miamai


Firstly I am showing you the beautiful skin release from Krasota which is the stunning Fransuasa. She comes in four skin tones and there are 6 makeups to choose from including teeth. There is also a cleavage option to. A veryy detailed and lovely skin, just adore it.


I am also wearing two new releases from Vero Modero's new Winter Collection. Firstly I am wearing the new Sweater in Gray. This is a full prim jacket which has amazing detail and looks so real. It is available in other great colours to. I have added Winter Booties in Gray Wool which go so well with the sweater. Again they are available in other fab colours.


I have also added the new release from Miamai which is Nore Shirt. It is well shaded and has prim collar.



Image Studio

Vero Modero
Concrete Flowers

Deeta Aeon

Skin - Krasota, Fransuasa Skin *T3 M4* (NinasBell Resident) NEW
Shape - Image Studio, Julie Shape (Deeta Aeon) Coming Soon
Hair - Truth, Clara *Mocha* (Truth Hawks) NEW
Jacket - Vero Modero, Sweater *Gray* (AZULL Ash) NEW
Shirt - Miamai, Nore shirt *Black* (Monica Outlander) NEW
Pants - Baiastice, Gyll Fall trousers *Grey* (Sissy Pessoa)
Boots - Vero Modero, Winter Booties *Gray Wool* (AZULL Ash) NEW
Gloves - Emery, Gloves *Gray* (Sunami Beck)
Pouch - Concrete Floers, Neck Pouch *Grey* (Lynaja Bade)
Poses - R.icielli

R.icielli and Fleshtone


Fleshtone have released some fantastic essentials and they are available in store. Today I am showing you the lovely Wrap dress which I am showing it in white and other gorgeous colours are available. I have added their leggings called Velvet studded and the amazing Toni Fold over clutch. All the designs are very classy and perfect for mix and match.


I am also wearing the stunning new skin from R.icielli called Tegan. She comes in Pale, Sunkissed and Tan and there are 11 makeups to choose from. Gorgeous shading throughout.


Image Studio
Vintage fair

Deeta Aeon

Skin - R.icielli, Tegan Skin, Pale *Makeup 07* (Fhara Acacia) NEW
Shape - Image Studio, Madeline Shape (Deeta Aeon)
Hair - Shag, Hello *Bombshell* (Sebastien Aries) NEW
Dress - Fleshtone Essentials, Wrap Dress *White* (Stevenzuuh Gossipgirl) NEW
Leggings - Fleshtone, Velvet Leggings Pants (Stevenzuuh Gossipgirl) NEW
Bag - Fleshtone Essentials, Toni Fold Over Vlutch *White* (Stevenzuuh Gossipgirl) NEW
Necklace - Miel, Lish (50L Friday) (Mika Nieuport) NEW
Earrings - Miel, Cue
Sunglasses - Dela, RG1 *Brown* (Kuranosuke Kamachi)
Poses - Adorkable , Bag Lady Poses (Adorkable peapod)

Friday, November 25, 2011

Isabella Rev - Azul


Another stunning new release from Azul is Isabella Rev. It is a beautiful dreamy dress with the lightest of skirts and the most amazing texture.


There is a wonderful prim attachment to the bodice and a delightful pair of fitted gloves which echo the shimmering colours of the dress.



Image Studio


Deeta Aeon

Skin - Belleza, Chloe Medium *Makeup 2* (Tricky Boucher)
Shape - Image Studio, Mel Shape (Deeta Aeon)
Hair - Vanity hair, Chiffon *Noir* (Tabata Jewell)  NEW
Gown - Azul, Isabella Rv *Aquamarine* (Mami Jewell)  NEW
Jewelry - Donna Flora , Margherita (Squinterent Larnia)
Poses - Agapee, Gown Set 9 (Argnit Igaly)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Gina - Kunglers


Kunglers have released the simply fabulous dress Gina. It has a wonderful silk texture with a very detailed and rich pattern.


I am wearing it in Mustard and it is also available in Olive, Plum and Porcelaine. It has gorgeous prim cuffs and collar. A must for your wardrobe.



Image Studio


Deeta Aeon

Skin - Filthy, Laika II Bronze *Makeup 6* (Alexandra Barcelos)
Shape - Image Studio, Kai Shape (Deeta Aeon)
Hair - LikeLi, Black Curly fro (LiKeLi Resident)Dress - Kunglers, Gina Dress *Mustard* (Barbra Kungler)  NEWShoes - Baiastice, Maxine over height *Black* (Sissy Pessoa)
Bracelet - Je Suis, Africain Bracelelt *Dark* (Julia Merosi)
Earrings - Mandala, Buddha Earrings *Black* (Kukinosuke Eel)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Gabriel - Winter Collection

Gabriel - Winter Collection

Wow more new releases from Gabriel!! I am wearing the fantastic suit called Megu fur jacket and leather one piece. It is just gorgeous with a fab fur jacket, really sexy dress, tights, belt and gorgeous boots. I am wearing it in Black and it is also available in Brown and white. The attention to detail is amazing.

Gabriel - Winter Collection

Bierno is wearing a stunning male release from Gabriel called Leather and down jacket. It is beautifully designed and is very stylish. He has added the new group gift also from Gabriel which is unisex boots. These boots are a must and both a male and female version are included. Head to gabriel now!!!

Gabriel - Winter Collection


Image Studio


Deeta Aeon

Skin - Filthy, Laika II, Bronze *Makeup 6* (Alexandra Barcelos) NEW
Shape - Image Studio, Kai Shape (Deeta Aeon) NEW
Hair - LoQ Grappa Prieve *Black* (Gia Pawpad)
Outfit - Gabriel, Megu Fur Jacket and leather one piece *Black* (Sora Tatham) NEW
Gloves - Glow, Duo Tone Black Satin (Linka Demina)
Necklace - Miel, Pez (Mika Nieuport)
Earrings - (NHA!), Shena (Kyrha Bouscario)
Poses - R.icielli (Fhara Acacia)

Bierno Yoshikawa

Skin - DNA, Damien Type 2 Chin Strap (Brox Riaxik)
Hair - Dura, *Emo 04 Black x White Mesh* (chiaki Xue)
Jacket - Gabriel, Leather & Down Jacket *Black* (Takuya Jinn) NEW
Trouser - Baiastice, Urban Trousers *Black* (Sissy Pessoa)
Leg Strap - Dirtyland, Discovery Leg Strap (Selene Edwyn)
Shoes - Gabriel, Leather Boots Male (Takuya Jinn) NEW Group Gift
Poses - Agapee Male Poses (Argnit Igaly)

Monday, November 21, 2011


nov21 edited close

Cynful have released the great jacket called Comfy Vest. It is available in a number of great colours and is so well designed.

nov21 edited mid

I love the prim buttons to the front which add so much to the realism. It is fun and sexy and available now.

nov21 edited far

Image Studio

Deeta Aeon

Skin - Filthy, Laika Bronze *Makeup 8* (Alexandra Barcelos) NEW
Shape - Image studio, Kai Shape (Deeta Aeon) NEW
Hair - Kik, Fine *Back* (as001 Littlething)
Jacket - Cynful. Comfy Vest *Burnt Orange* (Cynthia Ultsch) NEW
Jeans - Spirit Store, Zhanna Jeans *Black* without attachments (Spirit Osmus) NEW
Belt - Baiastice, Tampico belt Savana *Darkest* (Sissy Pessoa)
Scarf - BoHo HoBo, Scarf *Black paisley* (Trill Zapatero)
Bag - Fleshtone, Bom Leather tote *Orange* Tinted darker (Stevenzuuh Gossipgirl)
Earrings - MOOD< Conchita Earrings *Ink* (Jori Watler) NEW
Top - LP< Beautifull top (Liberty Shinn)
Boots - Redgrave, Moscow Boots *Black* (Viola Leigh)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Miamai and Image Studio


Miamai have some wonderful new releases. Today I am showing you the sexy and slinky outfit called Linda. It just oozes confidence and sex appeal. Linda has flared cuffs to the bottom of the suit and a gorgeous prim breast attachment. The shading is superb. It is perfect for many occasions.


She is available in a number of fab colours. Also there is a group gift version of this fab outfit which is shorter and in Black.

I am wearing my new shape Kai. A sexy lean shape but with curves n all the right places. A free demo available in store.



Image Studio


Deeta Aeon

Skin - Filthy, Laika Bronze *Makeup 4* (Alexandra Barcelos) NEW
Shape - Image Studio, Kai Shpe (Deeta Aeon) NEW
Hair - Bliss hair, Alanis *Caviar* (Amutey DeCuir)
Outfit - Miamai, Linda *Black* (Monica Outlander) NEW
Boa - No longer available
Earrings - MOOD< Conchita Earrings *Ink* (Jori Watler0 NEW
Belt - M*A*ii*K*I, High waister belt *Black patent* (Beauvoir Rousse)
Poses - Del May

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Image Studio,Gabriel, Filthy and MOOD


I am always so excited when the new releases from Gabriel come out. Today I am showing you the superb set called Cashmere Trench Coat and Boots. A beautiful coat with fur collar and wonderful prim cuffs. It has so much detail and shading and it is sexy to. In the set you also get the fab matching boots and tights. I am wearing the set in Gray and it is also available in Moss Green, Dark Blue and red/Brown.


I am also wearing my new shape Kai. A gorgeous shape made for Filthy's new skin Laika. There is a free demo available to. Kai is petite to medium with delightful curves. I have included a top to toe style card and also eyebrow shaper is included. Filthy's new skin Laika is available in four skin tones of tan, Bronze, Dark and Cream. It has 8 fantastic makeups and a cleavage layer on tattoo and undershirt are included.


I am also wearing the new release from MOOD which are the gorgeous earrings called Conchita. They are so well styled and detailed and available in a number of fabulous colours.



Image Studio


Deeta Aeon

Skin - Filthy, Laika Bronze *Makeup 6* (Alexandra Barcelos)  NEW
Shape - Image Studio, Kai Shape (Deeta Aeon)  NEW
Hair - Boon, WN0003 *Chocolate* (Boo Nakamura) Editted

Outfit - Gabriel, Cashmere trench coat and boots set *Gray* (Argnit Igaly)  NEW
Earrings - MOOD, Conchita earrings *Ink* (Jori Watler)  NEW
Necklace - Donna Flora, Cris necklace *Onyx* (Squinternet Larnia)
Gloves - 5th&Oxfors, Leather gloves *Black* (5th&Oxford Monitor)

Friday, November 18, 2011

INDI, AMD and JeSyLilo

INDI, AMD and JeSyLilo

Bierno is wearing the new male release from INDI and it is the stylish jacket called Stand Collar. It is available in a number of gorgeous colours and is perfect as the days get cooler. It is available at the main store now.

INDI, AMD and JeSyLilo

I am wearing the new outfit from AMD called Aristocrat. It is top, shorts, tights and a fab jacket. It is really cute and sexy. I have added the new release from JeSyLilo which are amazing boots. They are casual and so well designed.

INDI, AMD and JeSyLilo


Image Studio

Apple May Designs

Bierno Yoshikawa

Skin - Redgrave, David Tan Skin FullBeard *05* (Emilia Redgrave)
Hair - CriCri, mShort04-B (Aska Watler)
Jacket - INDI, Stand Collar Jacket *Dark Brown* (Jamie Holmer) NEW
Trousers - MRM, 4way Cargo Pant *Beige* (Masaru Raymaker)
Shoes - Aviator Loafer *Black* (Emilia Redgrave)
Poses - Agapee Male Poses (Argnit Igaly)

Deeta Aeon

Skin - Al Vulo, Sally Sunkissed *Black 2* (Hlin Bluebird)
Shape - Image studio, Naomi Shape (Deeta Aeon)
Hair - LoQ, Whisky *Cherry Red* (Gia pawpad)
Outfit - AMD, Aristocat (Apple May) NEW
Boots - JeSyLilo, West Boots *Brown* (Lilo Glom) NEW
Jeweley - Kunglers Extra , Marajoara Wood (AvaGardner Kungler)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Shag Hair and R.cielli


Just love the new designs from Shag Hair which are available at the Vintage fair. Today I am showing you the sexy style called Hello. It is sassy and just divine. It is available in loads of fab colours and there are root options for the blonde shades.


I am also wearing some more items from R.icielli's new collection. The jumpsuit is amazing and called Tetis and available in loads of colours and the funky jacket is called Mnemo.


Image Studio
Vintage fair

Deeta Aeon

Skin - Al Vulo, Sally sunkissed *Black 2* With Pink Fuel Lipstick *Vamp*
Shape - Image Studio, Naomi Shape (Deeta Aeon)
Hair - Shag, Hello Roots *Vodka* (Sebatien Aries)  NEW at Vintage Fair
Jacket - R.icielli, Mnemo Bolero *Black Python* (Fhara Acacia)  NEW
Jumpsuit - R.icielli, Tetis Jumpsuit *Sangria* (Fhara Acacia)  NEW
Scarf - BoHo HoBo, Skinny scarf *Pink Paisley* tinted red (Trill Zapatero)
Shoes - Baiastice, Maxine Over heigh *Black* (Sissy Pessoa)
Nails - Candy nail, Basic prom nails *Red 09* (Peche Bury)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

R.icielli and Respect!

R.icielli and Respect!

I am wearing a couple more of the fabulous new collection from R.icielli. The blouse is fab and called Serena. It has a beautiful shimmering texture and great prim cuffs and bottom. I am showing you it in the colour Rosee and other sensational colours are available. I am also wearing the sexy leggings called georgina Spiked leggings . They have fab spikes running down the sides and prim cuffs. I am wearing nude and other gorgeous colours are available.

R.icielli and Respect!

Bierno is waearing the really funky baseball jacket from Respect! it is so well detailed and the jacket is available in either male or female version. Bierno is wearing it in Black and it is also available in Red, Blue and white. He is also wearing a gorgeous hairstyle from Shag called Player of Games and is available in loads of great colours.

R.icielli and Respect!

Image Studio

Deeta Aeon

Skin - Al Vulo, Sally sunkissed *Black 2* (Hlin Bluebird)
Shape - Image Studio, Naomi Shape (Deeta aeon)
Hair - EMO-tions, Louise *Dark Brown* (Mirja Mills)
Top - R.icielli, Serena Blouse *Rosee* (Fhara Acacia) NEW
Pants - R.icielli, Georgina Spiked Leggings *Nude* (Fhara Acacia) NEW
Shoes - R.icelli, Carmelia Pumos *White*
Shades - Lelutka, Garbo Shades *White* (Thora Charron)
Belt - Baiuastice, Tampico belt *Light Grey* (Sissy pessoa)
Earrings - Ticky Tacky, A Bitch never changes *White* (Xoph Adamczyk)
Scarf - Emery, Scarf Plaid *Pink* (Serjordan Bonett)

Bierno Yoshikawa

Skin - Redgrave, David Tan Skin FullBeard *05* (Emilia Redgrave)
Hair - Shag, Player of Games *Brown* (Sebastian Aries)
Necklace, Calypso Giano, Pepper Necklace MAUI (Danni Pfeffer)
Jacket - Respect!, Baseball Jacket *Black* (Aaronin Oh) NEW
Trouser - Aoharu, BT VintageDenim *Dark* (machang Pichot)
Shoes - UBU, Drunks (Coke Dreadlow)
Poses - Agapee Male Poses (Argnit Igaly)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Potpourri - SAS


Just love the new release from Sasha's Designs called Potpourri. It is a fab casual outfit of top, amazing jacket and jeans.


The detail is amazing and so well designed. I am showing you this releasein beige and there are other great colours to choose from. It is a must to visit the main store now!!!



Image Studio


Deeta Aeon

Skin - Al Vulo, Sally Sunkissed *Black 2* (Hlin Bluebird)
Shape - Image Studio, Naomi shape (Deeta aeon)
Hair - EMO-tons, Emmanuelle *Dark Brown* (Mirja Mills)
Outfit - SAS, Potpourri *Beige* (Sascha Frangilli) NEW
Boots - Baiastice, Emi boots *Gold/Brown* (Sissy Pessoa)
Earrings - (NHA!) Suanne (Kyrha Bouscario)
Necklace - (NHA!) Necklace Tea Diamond
Poses - STaTUS

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sneak look at R.cielli's new collection


Wow you will love R.icelli's new collection which is a wonderful mix of dresses, jackets and separates in an array of different colours allowing you to customise your look and achieve your individual taste.


Today I am showing you the sensational Donnaii coat in terracota which has wonderful detail and prim attachments. I have added the Leopard print jump suit which is so edgy.

Please go to the main store and see more of this fabulous collection.


Image Studio

Deeta Aeon

Skin - R.icelli, Rhea pale DB *Makeup 19* (Fhara Acacia)
Hairbase and hair - R.icielli, Hairbase and hair attachment 1
Shape - Image studio, Madison Shape (Deeta aeon)
Jacket - R.icielli, Donnaii Coat *Terracota* NEW
Jumpsuit - R.icielli, Leopard Print jumpsuit (Only bottoms worn NEW
Boots - J's, Ankle Boots rpund *Brown* (JB Gazov)
Bag - Fleshtone, Bom Snake tote *Black* (Stevenzuuh Gossipgirl)
Earrings - R.icielli, Brigitte earrings *Black Diamond*
Scarf - Malt, Twilly neck tie *Shark* (Khea Karas)
Sunglasses - FNKY, Luna glasses *Black* (Funk Schnook)
Poses - Adorkable, Bag lady Poses (Adorkable Peapod)