Saturday, December 31, 2011

Filthy and Vero Modero


Filthy have released the stunning new skin callrd Nathalie. I love the beautiful face and gorgeous body.


It is available in Dark, Bronze, Tan and Cream. There are eight fab makeups to choose from and their is a cleavage option to.


Please take the taxi for this incredible skin.


I am also showing you Vero Modero's new outfit called Vegmur. It is a funky jacket, bra top and excellent leggings. The outfit is available in Oriental, Floral, Zebra, Red and Batik. A very stylish and funky outfit.


Image Studio
Vero Modero

Deeta Aeon

Skin - Filthy, Nathalie , Bronze, Tan, Dark and Cream *Makeups 1, 4, 5. 7 and 8* (Alexandra Barcelos) NEW
Shape - Image Studio, Kai Shape (Deeta Aeon)
Hair - D!VA Hair, Marie Type A (Marisa Kira) NEW Group Gift
Outfit - Vero Modero, Vagmur Set in Oriental, Floral, Batik, Zebra and Red (Bouquet Babii) NEW
Jewelry - JD, Feathers Black (Joice Dreamscape) NEW at XYROOM
Nails - MStyle, Rounded nails classic *Silver* (Mikee Mokeev)
Poses - Agapee, Basic set 1 (Argnit Igaly)

Friday, December 30, 2011

Mojo, Kunglers and Vanity Hair


I am showing you the new skin release from Mojo which is the gorgeous lovely 2. It comes in 30 fantastic different makeups. There is a great colour palette to choose from and all divine. It comes with cleavage and hairbase option to. I love the softness and fullness of the mouth making this a very sexy face indeed. It had gorgeous shading throughout the body.


I am also wearing one of the new releases from Kunglers and this is Tiffany Dress. It is amazing and the texture looks so realistic. It comes in Blue, Red and Black. I love the prim attachment to the top of the dress. I am also wearing the new jewelry release from Kunglers Extra which is Deorum. A fabulous jewelry set consisting of necklace, earrings, bracelet and ring. It is exremely stylish and comes in Copper, Silver and Red Gold. It is perfect for many outfits.


I am also showing you one of the new hair releases from Vanity Hair called lady Boy. A short but extremely cute hair which has lovely pins to the side. It is beautiful and the texture is amazing. It is available in an array of fantastic shades and hairbases to match.



Image Studio

Vanity Hair

Deeta Aeon

Skin - Mojo, Lovely 2 , Chestnut *ENH24, ENH21 and ENH25* (Ethan74 Rumpler)  NEW
Shape - Image Studio, Zara Sahpe (Deeta Aeon)
Hair - Vanity Hair, Lady Boy *Blonde* (Tabata Jewell)  NEW
Dress - Kunglers, Tiffany Dress in Blue, Red and Black (Barbra Kungler)  NEW
Jewelry set - Kunglers Extra, Deorum in Copper, Silver and Red Gold (AvaGardner Kungler)  NEW
Shoes - Baiastice, Jyo *Blue* (Sissy Pessoa)

Thursday, December 29, 2011

INDI and Vero Modero

INDI and Vero Modero

INDI recently released a gorgeous jacket for men called Stand collar Jacket which comes with a really stylish scarf. The detail is amazing and shading has been done so well. Bierno has added trousers from Gabriel to complete the look.

INDI and Vero Modero

I am wearing one of the new items from Vero Modero's winter collection and this is Tweet Set Autumn. It is so stylish and the coat has fab orange buttons. It comes with excellent pants to complete the look.

INDI and Vero Modero

Image Studio
Vero Modero

Bierno Yoshikawa

Skin - DNA, Damien Type 2 Chin Strap (Brox Riaxik)
Hair - UncleWeb, Griffin Hair *Meteor* (Din Raymaker)
Jacket - INDI, Stand Collar Jacket *Dark Brown* (Jamie Holmer)
Undershirt - Valiant, Plain Summer Tee/Tshirt (Wavie Haller)
Trousers - Gabriel, DenimJeans (Takuya Jinn)
Shoes - Hoorenbeek, Desert Boots *Boots* (Limer Fredriksso)

Deeta Aeon

Skin - PXL, Linda G3 LT *Copperlips and cat eye* (Hart Larsson)
Shape - Image Studio, Zara Shape (Deeta Aeon)
Hair - Vanity hair, Lexington *Soil* (Tabata jewell) NEW
Outfit - Vero Modero, Tweet Set Autumn (Bouquet Babii) NEW
Boots - Baiastice, Nicki Ankel Boots *Gold Brown* (Sissy Pessoa)
Scarf - R.icielli, Long scarf *Yellow/Black print* (Fhara Acacia)
Earrings - R.icielli, Scull *Gold*
Bag - LPD, The chic snake bag *Ornage* (Nevery Lorakeet)
Sunglasses - Dela, RG1 *Brown swirl*
Poses - Adorkable, Bag Lady poses (Adorkable Peapod)

Kathe Christmas Limited Edition - Azul


Azul have released their fantastic gown Kathe in a Christmas Limited edition.


It has the most beautiful red satin with wonderful white lace.


Their are two different skirt attachments one with more lace and the other satin. It is a dreamy gown cut open to the froont to show a little leg. This gown is available now.



Image Studio


Deeta Aeon

Skin - Redgrave, Paper Skin Trinity *Deep Red* (Emilia Redgrave)
Shape - Image Studio. Charlotte Shape (Deeta Aeon)
Hair - Bliss Hair, Cieleste Shape (Amutey DeCuir)
Gown - Azul, Kathe Christmas Limited Edition 2011 (Mami Jewell) NEW
Nails - Vandy nail, Basic prim Nails *Red 09* (Peche Bury)
Jewelry - Alienbear, Nieve (Alienbear Gupte)
Poses - Agapee, High Poses set 5 (Argnit Igaly)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Gabriel and XYROOM


Gabriel have another wonderful release called Fur suit. It is wonderful and so so sophisitcated and just oozing style. It is avaiable in Onyx, Gray and Bronzite. Remember to there is an awesome sale going on at the moment with some items marked down to 50% and 75% of the original price. Get down there now and get a great bargain.


Also NX Nardcotix are having a fab sale to. It is their YEAR END BLOWOUT Sale!! That's right, 70% off everything in store!! Clothing, Hats, Shoes...the ENTIRE STORE! Menswear included!

The sale is only running at the Mainstore. Hurry folks this is for a limited time! December 26, 2011 - January 9, 2012

Also for more bargains check out the XY Room which opened the new collection on 25 December. Loads of great items at amazing prices. I am wearing the fab strppy boots from Woot.


Image Studio
NX Nardcotix

Deeta Aeon

Skin - Pic 1 and 2, PXL Linda G3 LT Copperlips and nude lips (Hart Larsson)
Pic 2 - Belleza, Lily *Deep Tan* (Tricky Boucher) New Group Gift
Shape - Image studio Zara shape (Deeta Aeon)
Hair - Pics 1 and 2, Baiastice, Giselle *Black* (Sissy Pessoa)
Pic 3 - Lelutka, QCK Hair *Overcooked* (Thora Charron) NEW
Outfit - Gabriel, Fur suit *Grey, Onyx and Bronzite* (Argnit Igaly) NEW
Boots - Pic 2, Baiastice, Jyo *Black* (Sissy Pessoa)
Pic 3 - Woot, Boots Strappy(RedPoly Inventor) NEW at XYROOM
Hat - Glow Studio, Hot black Chic hat (Anemysk Karu)
Scarf - Pics 1 and 3, Fishy Strawberry, Model 2 Dotty and model 2 woods
Pic2 (No longer available)
Bag - Fleshtone, Huntington Bag *Red* (Stevenzuuh Gossipgirl)
Sunglasses - Dela, RG1 *Gray and Red*

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Miamai Black Label New Collection


The new collection from Miamai is amazing. Monica Outlander has released another collection in her superb Black Label.


There are a great mixture of edgy dresses, Makeup, nails, head adornments, jackets and pants and amazing masks.


It is the attention to detail in this collection which amazed me and it is so original and classy but also dark and alluring.


Some of the pieces are incredible including the very long nails which add drama and elegance.


This wonderful collection is available now in the main store.



Image Studio
Je Suis

Deeta Aeon Outfit 1

Skin - Redgrave, Trinity Paper *Black Sadness* (Emilia Redgrave)
Shape - Image Studio, Charlotte Shape (Deeta Aeon)
Hair - Baiastice, Sami attachment *Black* (Sissy Pessoa)
Outfit - Miamai Black label, Borghild (Monica Outlander) NEW
Nails - Miamai Black Label, Isis nails NEW

Outfit 2

Skin *Deep Red*
Hair - Maiamai, Cronica silver *Black*
Jacket - Miamai Black Label, Morringhan NEW
Pants - Miamai Black Label, Milda *Black*
Nails - Miamai Black , Isis Nails NEW
Boots - Gos, Curvaceous Boots *Black* (Gospel Voom)

Outfit 3

Skin *Venice*
Hair - Baiastice, Agnes *Black*
Dress - Miamai Black Label, Fechin NEW
Earrings - Donna Flora, Elena (Squinternet Larnia)
Feather shawl, Miamai Black Label, Whisper *Dawn* NEW
Eyeshadow - Miamai Black Label, Inmutatio eyeshadow NEW

Outfit 4

Skin - *Deep Red*
Hair - Baiastice, Sami *Black*
Dress - Maiamai Black Label , Pure NEW
Jewelry - Je Suis, Leah (Julia Merosi)

Outfit 5

Skin *Venice*
Hair - Miamai, Kyla *Black*
Dress - Maiamai Black Label, Gauri NEW
Head attachment - Miamaia Black Label, Akar Fascinator NEW
Earrings - Purple Moon, Frozen Pearls (Poulet Koenkamp)
Mask - Miamai Black Label, Fasel Mask *White* New
Nails - Miamai Black Label, Achelois nails NEW

Monday, December 26, 2011

Risa Tweed Suit - Gabriel


Wow another fantastic release from Gabriel is Risa Tweed Dress. It is a fabulous jacket, Skirt, Necktie, Tights and boots.


It is available in red, Black, yellow and green. The whole outfit oozes confidence and sex appeal. It is perfect for any occassion and is divine.


I have added the fantastic new hair from Amacci called Lily and also the new hair from Mina Hair called Ainslinn.


Image Studio
Mina Hair

Deeta Aeon

Skin - PXL, Linda G3 LT *Cat eye and Copperlips and red lips* (Hart Larsson)
Shape - Image Studio, Zara shape (Deeta Aeon)
Hair - Amacci , Lily *Black Coal* (Carina Larsen) NEW
Baiastice, Iskra Hair *Black* (Sissy Pessoa)
Mina Hair, Ainslinn Hair (Mina Nakamura) NEW
Lelutka, Awe Hair *Almost goth* (Thora Charron) NEW Subscriber gift
Outfit - Gabriel, Risa Tweed Suit *Red* *Black* *Yellow* *Green* (Sora Tatham) NEW
Bags - Baiastice, Long Pochette croc *Black* (Sissy Pessoa)
Fleshtone, Bom Tote *Black* (Stevenzuuh Gossipgirl)
Gloves - %th&Oford, Gloves *Black* (%th&Oxford Monitor)
Earrings - Mandala, Buddha Earrings *Black* (Kukunosuke Eel)

Friday, December 23, 2011

Elemiah Design, MOOD and Vanity Hair


The sexy new outfit from Elemiah Design is Paon. It is a delightful dress with contrasting tights. It is fun and sexy and perfect for so many occassions. This outfit is only $50L so hurry and grab it as it is for a limited time.

I have added the gorgeous new hair from Vanity Hair called Lexington. It is fabulous and so versatile as it can be worn with a casual outfit or a formal dress. It is very stylish and available in all the new textures.


I am also wearing new earrings from MOOD's new set called Bravo. They are divine feathered earrings.



Image Studio

Vanity Hair
Elemiah Design

Deeta Aeon

Skin - PXL, Linda G3 LT Cat eye and Copper lips (Hart Larsson)
hape - Image Studio, Zara Shape (Deeta Aeon)
Hair - Vanity Hair, Lexington *Soil* (Tabata Jewell) NEW
Outfit - Elemiah Design, Paon (Elemiah Choche) NEW
Earrings - MOOD< Bravo Feathered Earrings (Jori Watler) NEW
Bag - Fleshtone, The huntington Bag *Blue Jeans* (Stevenzuuh Gossipgirl)
Scarf - Beatnik, Farah Pashmina *Water* (Bl4ck Storm00.klina
Shoes - R.icielli, Carmelia Pumps *Teal* (Fhara Acacia)
Poses - Adorkable, Bag Lady poses (Adorkable Peapod)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Apple May, Vanity Hair and INDI


AMD Have released the lovely outfit called Pucker up. It is cute and sexy and perfect for feeling warm in this chilly weather.


I am also wearing new boots from Kristica which are so well detailed. I am also showing you new hair from Vanity hair. They have applied a new hair conditionner and a Keratine treatment, the result is your hair more shiny and softer colours!! With those new textures they have added a "WHITES" palette that goes from white to different shades of gray. Reds palettes, have been modified as well.



Image Studio

Apple May Designs
Vanity Hair

Deeta Aeon

Skin - PXL, Linda Lt Cat eye and copperlips (Hart Larsson)
Shape - Image Studio, Zara Shape (Deeta Aeon)
Hair - Pic 1 - Vanity Hair, Mrs Rabbit *Soil* (Tabata Jewell) NEW
Pic 2 - INDI, Beanie Red (Jamie Holmer) NEW with Love Hunt
Outfit - AMD< Pucker Up (Apple may) NEW
Boots - Kristica, Knit boots *White* (Kristic Furman) NEW
Jewelry - Kosh, Nebula (Lynaja Bade)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Zones Off Shoulder Dress - Cynful


Cynful have released the very cute and sexy Zones Off Shoulder Dress.


It comes with two sleeve options of long and short and is so well designed. This gorgeous dress is available from the main store now.


I am also wearing the new VIP group Gift from Purrfect 10 which are the fabulous Gemini Ice Queen Heels. They are so lovely and very realistic.



Image Studio

Purrfect 10
Je Suis

Deeta Aeon

Skin - PXL< Linda G3 LT (Hart Larsson)
Shape - Image Studio, Zara Shape (Deeta Aeon)
Hair - Mina Hair Liss (Mina Nakamura)
Dress - Cynful, Zone's Off Shoulder Dress *Brown, Red and Gren* (Cynthia Ultsch) NEW
Necklace - Pic 1 Kunglers, Marajoara (AvaGardner Kungler)
Pic 2 - Je Suis, Coccinelle (Julia Merosi)
Pic 3 - Je Suis, Allure (Julia Merosi)
Shoes - Purrfect 10, Gemini Ice Queen Heels (Ten Dexler) NEW VIP Group Gift
Belt - Pic 1 , Kristica, Diamond *Brown* (Kristic Furman)
Pics 2 and 3, Mandala, Saicho Belt *White*
Bag - Pepper, Messenger Bag *White* (Danni Pfeffer)

Monday, December 19, 2011

The Holiday Collection - Baiastice


Wow the new Holiday collection from Baiastice is simply stunning.


If you ever wondered what to wear for that special festive Occasion then head to Baiastice and choose some of these wonderful dresses.


They are elegant, sexy, stylish and simply superb. They are so well designed and are available in more colours than I am showing you today.


The last pic shos the wonderful dress Kuhn whic is so elegant and comes with two gorgeous skirt options.


The first a flexi skirt and secondly a sculpted skirt. Both are equally fab. Please visit the main store now and see for yourself this wonderful collection


Image Studio
Je Suis

Deeta Aeon Pic 1

Skin - PXL< Linda G3 LT Cat eye and Red lips (Hart Larsson)
Shape - Image Studio, Zara Shape (Deeta Aeon)
Hair - Baiastice, Anaya Hair Attachment *Black* (Sissy Pessoa)
Dress - Baiastice, Dinilysia Dress *Azure* NEW
Shoes - MStyle, DIDI Pumps *Black*
Bag - Fleshtone, Goo PVC Clutch *Black*
Jewelry - Purple Moon, O Sole Mio Dyed wood Blue and Gold
Nails - Je Suis, Naive V2 and add on Polka dots *Red*

Pic 2

Hair - Baiastice, Elon Hair attachment *Black*
Dress - Baiastice, Zoey Dress *Yellow* NEW
Boots - Baiastice, Jyo Boots *Black*
Bag - R.cielli, Classic Bag *Black*
Earrings - Mood, Conchita *Ink*

Pic 3

Hair - Baiastice, Agnes Hair *Black*
Dress - Baiastice, Dita Dress *Red* NEW
Shoes - NX Nardcotix, Iceli full spiked heels *Black*
Bag - Baiastice, Long Pochette *Black*
Earrings - Donna Flora, Elena
Necklace - Mandala, Lotus

Pic 4

Hair - Amacci, Lily *Ebony* NEW
Dress - Baiastice, Gleam Dress *Gold* NEW
Bag - Donna Flora, Lucy Bag *Old Gold*
Earrings - (NHA!), Alexa Earrings

Pic 5

Hair - Baiastice, Sami *Brown*
Dress - Baiastice, Liksye Dress *Rose* NEW
Jewelry - Donna Flora, Venus *Pink*

Pic 6

Dress - Baiastice, Kuhn Dress *Champsgne* NEW
Earrings - Mood, Venegeance Glitz earrings *Gold*

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Twist Knit Dress - Gabriel


Gabriel have released the wonderful Twist Knit Dress and it is amazing.


It has a gorgeous collar and the most realistic wool texture.


I love the skirt and it is so original. This outfit is classy and a must for your winter outfit. It is available in five fab colours. Taxi to the mainstore below:



Image Studio


Deeta Aeon

Skin - PXL, Linda G3 LT *Red lips and nude lips* (Hart Larsson)
Shape - Image Studio, Zara Shape (Deeta Aeon)
Hair - Truth, Kendall *Espresso* (Truth Hawks)
Earrings - Mandala and (NHA!)
Outfit - Gabriel, Twist Knit Dress *Bronzite* *Dark coral* *Gray* *Onyx* *Pearl*(Argnit Igaly) NEW
Poses - Apple Spice Store, Attitude poses (AppleSpiceStore Resident)